Are you a fabricator or an entrepreneur looking forward to fabricating trim cap letters for sale? The channel letter bending machine can be a game-changing addition to our equipment. In this digital era, automation has become of age. Everywhere you look, there seems to have some automation. Even if you are a channel letter fabricator, you may soon be out of the job if you do not keep abreast with technology. Here, the technology is the use of an automated channel letter bending machine.

Varisigns is the leading manufacturer of automatic letter bender machines globally. Their machines are being applied around the world to bring another look in advertising. Therefore, it only makes sense to know how to use the machine and how to use it to fabricate various 3D letters. Such a machine brings efficiency in channel letter bending. However, you still have to select a suitable machine to reap maximum benefits. This post will look at the channel letter bending machine and how you can make trim cap letters by channel letter machine.

front lit letters by Varisigns channel letter bending machine

Channel letter bending machine

It is an automated machine used to produce the edges of letters and logos on three-dimensional signs like halo-lit, trimless, reverse and trim cap channel letters from various forms of steel like brass, copper, and aluminum. These signs and channel letters pray a critical role in storefront advertisements. Varisigns channel letter bending machines help you layout and bend trim cap channel letters with high precision. It reduces the labor to a great extent. The channel letter bending machine features control software. You can set the machine into various modes.

However, the Varisigns letter bending machine has precise, fast, and lamella modes. You can set the slotting, thinning, and cutting depth that the system will use on the material. On the material options, the software allows a user to set the left and right bending force. As we can see, the software makes the work easy, adding to the efficiency.

How to make trim cap letters by channel bender

Making trim cap letters using the Varisigns channel bending machine is a multi-stage one. It combines processes like designing the letter on the console, sourcing the sheet to make the letter, cutting it, and inserting it into the machine. Let us look at the stages one by one.

Designing the channel letter

You design the trim cap letters you are to bend using the console on the channel letter bending machine. The console is a computer that you use to control various operations of the bending machine. The letter is later mounted and ready for the mechanical process.

On this machine, you can design many letters at once. Later you can select them one by one during the bending phase. We set things like the dimensions of the letter in this phase. An advantage of this machine is that you can shift the design to various angles and projections. Thus, you can see the front, and back projections in 3D, giving you a glimpse of what the trim cap letter will look like in real life. It additionally helps you adjust and even show the clients the design before embarking on the bending process. You can then load the design if it has met all the design requirements.

Mounting the sheet

In this phase, you mount the sheet onto the Varisigns machine and awaits the mechanical action to start. However, if the sheet is large, you can use a laser cutting machine to reduce it to a necessary length and width. The sheet can be aluminum, bronze, galvanized steel, stainless steel, or copper. Varisigns channel bending machine has a workbench where you can do all this work on. After loading the strips, recheck and power the machine to ensure that you are printing the correct one. Inside the machine, a series of rollers move the strip to distinct elements like benders, shears, and the slotting system. Verify the material that the machine will bend on the processing control software.

The bending process

In this phase, you implement the design using various mechanical actions in the channel letter bender machine. Varisigns channel bending machines are automatic. Therefore, the bending occurs automatically. However, ensure that you have the correct configurations on the channel letter bending machine’s software. Otherwise, you may end up printing or bending the incorrect design or differing dimensions.

The channel letter bending machine has an alternating feeding system. It ensures the efficiency, accuracy, and stability of the strips inside the machine. To ensure that the edges are straight and appealing, it also features an automatic slotting system. It also has an automatic V-cut /flange capability and can cut up to 0.31 inches of steel and 0.063 inches of aluminum. The V cuts are essential during bending and ensure that the shape has some sense of symmetry.

With its telescopic bending system, the Varisigns channel letter bending machine can bend the design quickly and using high power. Thus, the bends remain permanent. It also features an automatic shearing system. This system cuts the strips that are over the dimensions of the design.

At the end of these stages, you get a finished product. You can use trim cap letters as signage in storefronts. You can add LED lightings to ensure their visibility in darkness.

letters by varisigns channel letter machine

Safety precautions to observe

¬†While Varisigns channel letter bending machine has been designed with the user’s safety in mind, additional precautions are necessary.

Wearing Safety gloves

When operating the machine, it is critical to have safety gloves always. It ensures that you protect your hands from the sharp edges of the steel or aluminum strips. The gloves also protect you from electrocution in case there is faulty wiring.

Using safety goggles if necessary

The next protective measure to ensure when working on the channel bending machine is the goggles. They protect you from the particles that might come from the workpiece.

Check for faulty wiring

Before using the channel letter bending machine, it is essential to inspect its wiring. As machines age, faulty wiring is prone to happen. If not sure whether the wiring is correct, you can consult a professional electrician to inspect it for you.

Your safety is of utmost importance. The above are just but a few precautions. There are many others like using closed shoes always when working using channel letter bending machines.

Factors to consider when purchasing a channel letter bending machine

Having seen how to make trim cap letters by channel bender machine, you may decide to purchase one or upgrade the one you are having. But what factors should you consider before buying it? There are hundreds of letters bending machine brands out there. Thus, choosing the right letter bender can be pretty troublesome. Time and money go to waste if the machine is not up to standard or you perform an improper operation. Below are a few factors to consider to choosing the right channel bending machine.

The reliability of the manufacturer

The reputation of the manufacturer should be the first port of call before buying the banding machine. If the manufacturer is more reputable, the chances are that the manufacturer offers high-quality products. Varisigns is among the reputable brands that you can buy for your channel bending needs. For the best features, head to our website and select the machine that fulfills your bending needs.


The price of the machine is the next factor to consider before settling on the channel bending machine. The price has a direct bearing on the return on investment. Therefore, it is among the most critical factors to consider before buying any machine. However, the price of the machine is necessarily not the determinant of its quality. The machine can be cheap but have a top quality, and the reverse is also true. Ensure that you pay the right price for the best channel bender. Therefore, you need to visit a reputable and trusted store like Varisigns.


Machines are prone to wear and tear. Thus, a warranty may come in handy and assures you that the manufacturer believes in their product. An extended and good warranty is a plus.

Other things to evaluate are the accuracy, quality, technological acumen besides the factors mentioned above to ensure that you settle on a top-notch bender.

steel letters by Varisigns automatic letter bender

Benefits of Varisigns channel letter benders

Varisigns channel letter benders have many advantages. By automating the bending process, the Varisigns automatic channel bending machines increase the efficiency and effectiveness of sign production. The machines make the trim cap letter at high precision and accuracy. Therefore, you get a replica of what you had in mind, including the dimensions. It is an improvement from the manual bending process that is not very accurate. The letter not only needs to be heavy-duty but also accurate.

Varisigns does not outsource any part of the manufacturing process like other manufacturers of similar products. All the machine parts are manufactures on-premise. Engineers who work under tight and strict tolerance oversee the entire process. It makes Varisigns superior and able to cope with varying materials while offering a more delicate touch. To enjoy these benefits, visit a Varisigns store and select any of our channel letter bending machines.

Final thought

With the world going digital, everything is going the technology way. Signages are not left behind. In this article, we have seen how to make trim cap letters by channel bender machine, a digital way of making channel letter bends. We also considered the precautions you need to take for your safety. Having such skills can help you compete in this field or make the best designs that automatically translate to profit. Automatic Channel letter bending is the future of producing signs, and having the skills will give you an edge over other people.

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