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Based in China, serving the world. Varisigns is committed to free up your hands and automated your channel letter production. We provide our valued customers a fully automated signage production line which covers automatic letter bender machine, laser welding machine, CNC router & laser cutting machine.

Varisigns is one of the most exciting companies that has sprung up in China in recent years. If you are already dealing with Chinese manufacturing companies, you will know that many of them have invested heavily in innovative technology in recent years.

Innovative technology is more important than ever before. In today’s modern market, consumer trends change quickly. For sign makers, the latest channel letter machines are must-have’s. If you can gear your sign business towards this ever changing consumer market, you can quickly become one of the markets leaders.

Investing In Your Sign Business. If you are running a manufacturing based sign business, you have probably already realized that technology and new advanced manufacturing methods can boost your profits. We like to say they go hand in hand.

Both light and heavy industry have changed as a result of rapid results driven manufacturing systems. One way of investing in your sign business, is to invest in quickly evolving technologies. New technologies and manufacturing within the field of CNC channel letter bending machine and laser cutting and welding, are easy to apply when you want to bring your signage products to market quickly.

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