The Best Laser Acrylic Cutting Machine for Sale

The laser acrylic cutting machine for sale, acrylic laser cutters from Varisigns are widely used in the lighting industry in creating photo frames and other products. It can also be used in woodworking, creating architectural models, handicrafts, decorations, and signage advertising as an acrylic letter cutting machine. Whether you purchase our 4′×3′ small acrylic laser cutting machine for home use or laser cutter for small business, even the big table-sized working area 1325 4′×8′ laser cutters or the desktop laser acrylic engraving machine, you can count on value for your money and outstanding quality.

Why Choose Varisigns Laser Cutting Machine?

Varisigns laser cutting machine is able to laser cut acrylic sheets up to 40mm or 1.57” thick, wood or MDF up to 12mm, and plywood up to 20mm. You can choose between the available laser power of 150W and 400W. The power of 150 watts comes with a single glass Co2 laser tube while the 400 watts is a double laser beam combined with two laser tubes together features more power for cutting thicker acrylic materials, the cutting edges is smoother than cutting by CNC routers. Furthermore, the laser tube quality is assured with the famous brand especially custom-made for us which you can trust on to run a very long service life with almost no maintenance. 

What’s more, all our cutter machines have bodies that have been treated with 600-degree heat for durability and imported main parts for high-quality performance and precision, as a result, the accuracy and stability could always be ensured.

We provide pre-sales consultations, a 2-year warranty as well as installation and operation training. We also offer aftersales service and 24/7 online support to give you round-the-clock care.

320W Co2 Mixed Laser Cutting Machine
Model: GY-1325M

4′×8′ (1300*2500mm) 400W Co2 Mixed Laser Cutting Machine

The best machine to cut stainless steel and acrylic, can cut metal up to 1.5mm (.063”), acrylic up to 40mm (1.57”) thick.

  • Materials: acrylic, plywood, MDF, Stainless steel, carbon, mild steel
  • Thickness: Stainless steel is up to 2.0mm(.080”), Carbon steel is up to 3.0mm(0.12”), Acrylic is up to 40mm(1.57”)
320W Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine
Model: GY-1325L

4′×8′ (1300*2500mm) 400W Co2 Laser Cutting Machine with CCD Camera

The best acrylic laser cutting machine to cut irregular graphics with the camera, it’s a good partner of UV printers, able to cut acrylic thickness up to 40mm (1.57”).

  • Materials: acrylic, plywood, MDF, fabric, leather, paper. 
  • Thickness: Acrylic is up to 40mm(1.57”), Wood and MDF is up to 12mm(0.47”), Plywood is up to 20mm(0.79”)
320W Co2 Desktop Best Laser Cutter for Small Business​
Model: GY-1309S

4′×3′ (1300*900mm) 400W Co2 Laser Acrylic Cutter and Desktop Laser Engraver

The small acrylic cutting laser machine with high precision, can cut acrylic thickness up to 40mm (1.57”).

  • Materials: Acrylic, plywood, MDF, fabric, leather, paper, etc.
  • Thickness: Acrylic is up to 40mm(1.57”), Wood and MDF is up to 12mm(0.47”), Plywood is up to 20mm(0.79”)
cheap laser cutting machine
Model: GY-1309N
4′×3′ (1300*900mm) 150W Co2 Cutting and Engraving Machine for Small Business

The small affordable laser cutting and engraving machine for organic materials at a high speed.

  • Materials: Acrylic, PVC, bamboo, fabric, leather, paper, etc.
  • Thickness: Acrylic is up to 15mm(0.6”), Wood and MDF is up to 8mm(0.31”), Plywood is up to 15mm(0.59”)

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