The top 10 reasons to choose Varisigns fiber laser welding system. With the increasing application of metal products, the demand for metal welding has increased substantially, here comes the Varisigns fiber laser welding machine.

In addition, the traditional welding technology has become much more challenging to meet the actual needs. And in recent years, the rapid advancement of optical technology made the fiber laser welding more prominent in the industrial metal processing .

Fiber laser welding machine

The technology application that combines the advantages of laser and metal welding is also undergoing a new challenge. This fiber laser welding integrates laser control, galvanometer control, laser safety lock, and the excellent process algorithm is integrated. Further more, the beam can be jittered, which improves the traditional laser hand held welding the penetration problem and welding surface quality.

1. Applications of Fiber Laser Welding

fiber handheld laser welder applications

Varisigns fiber laser welding system is widely used in cabinets, kitchens, and bathrooms, stair elevators, shelves, ovens, advertising 3D channel letter signs, complicated and irregular welding of stainless steel door and window guardrail, distribution box, stainless steel home furnishing, and other industries process. It replaced the traditional argon arc welding, electric welding, Mig or Tig welding on thin stainless steel, iron, aluminum, etc.

2. Smarter Operating System of Varisigns fiber laser welding

multi-language laser welding systems

It is specially developed for laser welding applications by the Intelligent Laser Application System to make it really simple and easy to operate, no technical knowledge required.

Regarding the multi functional application system, which is able to control the laser power, frequency, and it has a variety of welding functions (dot, Line, circle modes and more), suitable for spot welding scenes, the beam can be dithered with a width of 0.2 to 5mm, and pretty good for welding with irregular work piece. What’s more, the multi language switch makes it more humane.

3. Far More Cost-savings of Varisigns handheld laser welder

The small footprint design to make it a portable handheld laser welder, but its electro optical conversion efficiency is higher than 35%, and it is maintenance free. It is cost effective and far superior to other types of lasers of the same power. Besides, it is equipped with the international standard optical fiber QBH output head and international standard RS232 serial port control.

4. Human Safety Protection

handheld laser welding safety clip

Never worry about the safety matter, because the laser welding head has a welding protection function which means only when the metal to be welded is sensed and then the operator presses the button switch to trigger the laser to emit light, otherwise the laser will not work. This designs aim to avoid accidentally touching the switch or short circuiting the switch and injuring people and other objects. Further more, it realized the maximum production Limit security.

5. Environmental Protection

held laser fiber welder water chiller

Laser machines always need the high quality water chiller to make it work, the chiller is built-in installed with a filter, which is safe and eco friendly, energy saving and durable, it is stable with a longer service time.

6. Six Welding Modes for Options

handheld fiber double wobble welding modes

Talking about the greatest advantages of the laser system, the control circuit adopts DC24V low voltage control, 24V switch button is safe, nice design and durable lifetime. The control system has total six welding working modes for options and motor frequency (2-46HZ) is freely adjustable which controls the speed of laser focal, the maximum speed can reach 460 circles per second.

7. Longer Service Life Parts 

Varisigns fiber handheld laser welding gun 950

Like the Tig and Mig Welding, the additional gas required to work with the fiber laser welding machine. The laser working gas (Argon or Nitrogen) can be set to open or close the gas delay amount from the touch screen, this function can effectively avoid protective lens burnout compared with the traditional fiber welding head.

8. Fine-tuned Focal

handheld laser welding red light settings

Just in case you might need to re-calibrate the laser machine, don’t worry, it is quite easy. The red light center point can be adjusted, and the laser position can be fine tuned according to the welding angle. But normally it is well tuned when you receive the machine thanks to the advance calibration by our professional engineers.

9. Unique Double Wobble Welding Gun Design.

brass nozzel of different welding

(1) Smart internal design and large welding width, which solves the disadvantage of a small laser welding spot, and the weld is formed well.

(2) The laser hand held gun is lightweight and comfortable to hold, easy to control with one hand.

(3) It comes with a safety alarm design, that is to say, the light will be automatically locked after the work piece is removed.

(4) It features the beautiful welding seam, fast speed, free maintenance, no burn and distortion, without polishing required.

(5) The variety of angle nozzles can be configured to meet the welding needs of different products.

10. Multi-functional Fiber Laser Welding Systems

Compared with the traditional Yag lasers, fiber laser welders can increase the conversion efficiency of pump light per watt by more than 10 times.

The automatic design with low energy consumption is good for laboratory or outdoor operation.

It can be directly embedded on the user’s device. This continuous modulated single mode fiber laser is specifically for 2D, industrial products for cutting, 3D cutting, laser drilling, 3D printing, laser welding and even the laser cleaning.

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