The Advantages of Varisigns Automatic Letter Bender

Varisigns automatic letter bender, also known as the channel letter bending machine or CNC channel letter bender, channel benders or channel letters machine, 3D sign maker machine.

Whatever you prefer to call it, the bending machine is replacing our manual channel letter tools for signage fabrication. It is definitely the future of the sign-making industry. This makes sense, as they are effective, efficient, and simply better at producing signs than humans.

In order to manufacture a top-quality channel letter sign, you need to have some pretty heavy-duty channel letter equipment. But there is more to this equipment than meets the eye. Not only does it have to be heavy-duty, but it also needs to be accurate.

automatic letter bender in workshop
automatic letter bender parts

Unlike other manufacturers of similar machines, we do not outsource any parts of the manufacturing process.

All of our machines are manufactured in our own dedicated CNC center on our premises. The process is overseen by qualified engineers working with tight and strict tolerances. That is why companies often find it hard to manufacture high-quality channel bending machines.

A machine needs to be able to cope with different materials and provide a more delicate touch at the same time.

Our machine will help you to fabricate channel letters that are trimless. It will also trim cap the letter, reverse and take care of the entire manufacturing process. That includes halo-lit 3D letters and incorporating stainless steel and aluminum materials.

However, the questions may be: How do you make channel letters with this machine? How do you choose the right one for your 3D signage production? How do you maintain the machine? Why choose Varisigns automatic channel letter machines? What sets it apart from the others?

Keep reading and you’ll have all the answers.

trimless letters by automatic letter bender
automatic letter bender telescopic bending blade

The Telescopic Bending System Provides a Smaller Radius.

Compared to other suppliers’ automatic channel letter bending machines for sale on the market, all our channel letter benders use the alternating telescopic bending system including the most affordable bending machine for aluminum.

This enables you to achieve flawless results even given small bends angles or sharp corners. For instance, the minimum channel letter can measure up to 60mm or 2.4” in height and the maximum can reach up to more than 2 meters (80”) high. In other words, whether with big or small letters, you can be sure your 3D letters will come out looking flawless.

Bender Software is Simple and Easy to Operate.

The self-developed automatic channel bending machine software is regularly updated, so you can be sure the English interface is easy to understand and follow. In addition, the TeamViewer remote support is available whenever it’s needed should you run into problems.

Varisigns CNC channel letter bender is produced in China but serves global customers with 80% of our main markets in Europe and the US. Over time, our team has established perfect after-sales and service protocols for all of our customers. Compared with the quality and functionality of local brands in the US and Europe, our technology is more advanced but more affordable at the same time. Varisigns has been constantly innovating and we are committed to providing you with more channel letter equipment for your business.

CNC channel letter bender for delivery why choose varisigns

Fast Delivery Time and 24/7 Online Support.

Our delivery timeframe is around 10 business days. All of our 3d letter-making machines come with a two-year warranty and you are guaranteed you can rely on our 24/7 online support.

The quality of our machines comes first but you can be sure we have your budget considered as well. You can be sure you’ll find the perfect CNC channel letter bending machine for your needs and budget. Feel free to consult our online customer service team through our live chat channel or send them an email. Whatever budget you’re working with, you can rest assured we will find the perfect machine for you and you can count on after-sales care when you need it.

The Best Automatic Letter Bender Machine for Sale

Flange Channel Letter Bending Machine
Model: VAM-S18

V-notch and Flange Letter Bender Machine

Best for flanged trim cap 3d channel letters with v-notch, able to bend coils height up to 200mm (8”).

  • Bend Coils: Aluminum, Steel, Copper
  • Coil Height: 25~200mm (1”~8”)
  • Bend Thickness: Up to 1.5mm (.063”)
  • Features: Make flange and V-notch
  • Letters Can Make: Trimless, reverse, trimcap letters with flange back (90-degree bent).
All-in-one Channel Letter Bending Machine channel letter machines
Model: VAM-S6 Plus

Best All-in-one Lettering Bender Machine

The top seller model to cover all 3d channel letters making of steel and aluminum letters.

  • Bend Coils: Steel, Copper, Flat Aluminum Coil Strips and all styles of aluminum profiles
  • Coil Width: 20~200mm (0.8”~8”)
  • Coil Thickness: Up to 2.0mm (.080”)
  • Application: Trimless, reverse, halo-lit and trim cap channel letters
Industrial Channel Letter Bending Machine
Model: VAM-S40

Super Bending Letter Machine for Sky Signs

The super channel bender machine for outdoor letters, landscape letters and sky sign letters.

  • Bend Coils: Stainless Steel, Iron, Copper, Flat Aluminum Coil Strips
  • Letter Depth: 25~300mm (1”~11.8”)
  • Max. Thickness: Up to 3.0mm (.118”)
  • Capability: Trimless, reverse and halo-lit channel letters
CNC Channel Letter Bending Machine
Model: VAM-S6

Affordable Automatic Letter Bender Channel for Big 3D Signs Making

The affordable model for making small and big 3d trimless channel letters of flat coils only.

  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Iron, Copper, Flat Aluminum Coil Strips
  • Letter Deep: 20~200mm (0.8”~8”)
  • Thickness: Up to 1.5mm (.063”)
  • Ability: Trimless, reverse and halo-lit channel letters
Economical Channel Letter Bending Machine
Model: VAM-S3

Entry-level Channel Letters Bender for Small Sign Business

The entry-level sign maker machine to bend steel and aluminum 3d sign letters.

  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Iron, Copper, Flat Aluminum Coil Strips
  • Letter Depth: 20~130mm (0.8”~5”)
  • Thickness: Up to 1.5mm (.063”)
  • Ability: Trimless, reverse and halo-lit 3D metal letters
Aluminum Channel Letter Bending Machine
Model: VAM-S1

Aluminum Letters Bending Machine for Different Styles of Aluminum Coils

The quick startup bending machine for different kinds of aluminum profiles.

  • Materials: Flat aluminum Coil strips and different styles of aluminum profiles
  • Coil Height: 20~130mm (0.8”~5”)
  • Thickness: Up to 1.5mm (.063”)
  • Ability: Trimless, halo-lit and trim cap channel letters
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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about the automatic channel letter bending

Can the channel letter bender VAM-S6 plus V notch and bend the bottom 90 flange?

No, the letter bender VAM-S6 Plus is a multi-function one for almost all channel letter making, such as trimless, reverse, halo-lit, and trim cap channel letters, but only excluded the functions of V notch and flange which the bender VAM-S18 has.

The VAM-S6 Plus has the same capabilities of bending material thickness and height as the VAM-S18, it also has two pieces of slotting blade, but of which the saw blade can swing to get different slot angles for different aluminum profiles, which means it can bend aluminum coils in different styles.

Does your machine come with the PC and the bending software pre-installed?

Yes, it comes with computer and bender software pre-installed with calibration data, the software is English and easy to operate, it is almost done and ready to play.

Do you supply the channel letter coils to use in the machines?

Yes, we have the metal rolls of both stainless steel coils and aluminum coil strips for sale to provide you with a full solution. Save your time and money to order with the machine shipment together, just take one second to ask for the price list from our sales.

Do you have the machine in service in our region that we can have a review?

Yes, we have a lot of machines sold to different countries that you can always get the reference from our kind clients or check our customer testimonials,

What are the advantages of your letter bender VAM-S18?
  • Functions: Auto feed, Auto Slot, V-notch, Flange, Shearing, Auto Bend.
  • Material thickness .024” – .063” (0.6-1.5mm), height range from 0.8” – 8” (20-200mm).
  • It can do both small and big letters from 2.4” (60cm) to 6.56ft (2m) high. (minimum stroke 0.40” or 10mm).
  • It is powerful for aluminum, steel, and copper letters (more options).
  • Two pieces of slot blades, one is the knife, another one is the saw blade (free switch for different coils).
  • Faster working speed.
  • 3-year Warranty Time

Is your bending machine pre-built and ready to use or do we have to assemble it ourselves?

All our machines come with ninety percent of the installation, you need to assemble the computer and coil stand, also the PCI board to the computer. No worries, we have all these covered by the in-depth video tutorials,

What’s the turnaround time on your bender machine?

Most of our channel letter machines could be shipped in a week. If ship by sea, it usually takes around 20 days to the west coast US or Oceania and 30 days to the east coast US and most of the European countries. Want it faster? Your choice to take the airplane just needs about 5 – 7 days.

What happens if there is an issue with the machine or we need to get it serviced?

All our channel letter equipment with two-year warranty time and lifetime unlimited technical support. Besides, we have the service center in the USA, Europe, and South Africa where you can get the quickest technical support, or come to our 24/7 online service for a fast response about the resolution

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