If you are a metal fabricator contemplating buying welding and cutting machines, you should buy a handheld laser. With their ability to work with high precision and speed, the welding efficiency of your work improves.

Varisigns is among the leading brands for cutting, welding, and bending machines. The laser welding machine is suited for sheet metal fabricators and channel letter designers. For any artisan, the goal is to produce high-quality items. Bending and cutting are essential parts of any welding work. Therefore, you need a machine that will give you precise bends and cuttings that you can then fit and weld to make the product.

In this post, we will look at how to improve welding efficiency using a handheld laser.

Varisigns handheld laser welder machine

What is a Handheld Laser Welder?

The handheld laser welder is a laser welding equipment in the non-contact welding category. It collimates the laser beam into parallel light using a collimating lens and focuses it on the welding workpiece after being transmitted for a long distance. It is a portable and flexible machine that offers convenience. We can use it when the welding distance is long and enables the outdoor operation of laser welding. 

The laser welding machine either has a typical welding head or an independently developed wobble welding head. Thus, the quality of welding and the joint strength improves significantly, giving you better welding formability. All the products realize straight sea welding, circumferential welding, spot welding, overlap welding, and the welding of any other track. Compared to traditional welding methods, a handheld laser welder is nearly 10 times faster.

How Do Laser Welding Machines Work?

A laser welding machine is a precise and efficient welding machine. It uses a laser beam of high density as its heat source and uses a thermal conductivity type of welding.

Emitted as a light invisible to the naked eye to the surface of the workpiece, the heat spreads rapidly to the inside of the metal. By controlling the peak power, pulse width and other parameters of the laser, a weld is formed on the welded part and the connection is melted.

How to Improve Welding Efficiency by Handheld Laser Welder?

High-precision welding

Handheld laser welding machines can weld delicate parts with high precision. You can direct the laser beam to any point and adjust it per the requirements. Since you project the laser beam from an invisible source, there are no issues of distortion and deflection. Because of their high precision, handheld laser welders offer highly accurate welds and can weld sensitive materials.

Non-limited welding modes

The handheld laser cutting machine has four varying welding tips that can weld any surface using various welding modes. They include the external corner welding nozzle, wire-feed nozzle, laser cutting tip, and universal or internal welding nozzle. You can cut and use one of the following welding options: line, dot, circle, and double triangle using the nozzles. These modes help you deliver high-quality and efficient welds in time.

Fast welding speed

We know laser welding for its delivery of fine products within no time. Because of the lasing action, you can heat the surface at incredibly high temperatures. However, this speed also varies based on the depth of the weld, the workpiece, the power of the laser beam, and the set controls by the welder. The welding speed and the precision of the laser welders make them a helpful tool that offers welding efficiency to any fabricator. It provides ten times the speed of the MIG/TIG welding machines.

Smooth and clean welding seams

The other area where the welding efficiency of the laser welding machine is witnessed is through the welding seams. Unlike traditional contact welding, laser welding leaves the seam clean. Hence, the fabricator does not need to come and clean the product later. It saves them time they can use to do other productive things. The seam is also very polished, the primary attribute of an elegant finished product.

Low processing costs

Handheld laser welders are cheaper to operate compared to traditional TIG and MIG welding. To begin with, they do not require additional consumables like electrodes. They melt and bind the materials quickly with efficiency and minor loss of material. Depending on the project you are working on, you may scale the laser welder power up or down. Thus, you save money from too slow operations or incurring high expenses for the excess power you did not use.

Welding materials with different ranges of thickness

Laser welders are the only welding machines that can weld materials well below 3mm. Unlike the traditional forms of welding, laser welding machines can weld thin materials without deformations, burns undercut, or drilling holes into them. Besides steel, it can weld its alloys and aluminum. You do all this at high welding tolerance and safety to the operator.

Parameter settings

To minimize power consumption, and reduce expenses and environmental impacts, the laser machine comes with a control panel and a manual that you can refer to the different recommendations for frequencies and laser powers you can use on various materials thicknesses. Thus, there is a uniformity of the products that result from this process. You enter the frequency, the wavelength of the pulse on the machine’s control panel.

As we can see, handheld laser welders improve efficiency in various ways. For maximum profit and increased productivity, welding efficiency is critical. Handheld laser welding machines not only save you time. They also save time you can invest in other productive tasks. They come in various models, and you must select the correct model. In the above section, we referred to precision. Let us understand why precision is vital in laser welding machines.

3mm aluminum welding by Varisigns hand held laser welder welding efficiency

Why is Precision Vital in Laser Welding Machines?

In the welding and fabrication industry today, precision is the common denominator. It has revolutionized the business in various ways and has become the new normal within any industry, not only in fabrication.

However, Perfection is critical in welding and fabrication. When a customer requires a product with specific dimensions, you should not give a bigger or a smaller product. Laser welding and cutting machines offer you just that. Uniformity in the market is of the essence. While there are many manufacturers out there, a customer should have a choice of manufacturer. Unique items serving the same purpose should have the exact dimensions and shape. Laser welding is all about matching the customer’s requirements with a suitable machine.

Final Thought

Are you considering purchasing welding equipment? Then handheld laser welder can be the machine of choice. With it, you need not worry about how to improve welding efficiency. It has various features that make it easy to work with and efficiently develop beautiful-looking products. With it, you can weld even the thinnest surfaces without burnouts. It is widely applied in the automobile and kitchenware industry. While it may be expensive to purchase, its economies down the line are better compared to TIG and MIG welders.

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