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After years of research into the needs of the sign industry and the success of its channel bending machine, Signvec Technologies was the first to introduce the Varisigns fully automatic channel letter bending machine exclusively to the Singapore market and has received excellent feedback.

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About Varisigns

Varisigns is a Chinese company specializing in the production of channel letter bending machines and has accumulated sales of over 2,000 units of channel letter bending machines worldwide in the past 15 years as of press time. In particular, the European and North American markets are dominant for the company, and the high quality of its products and after-sales service has earned the company a pretty good reputation.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Ken, the CEO of Signvec, said in his review: “Varisigns channel letter bending machines are perfect enough in terms of bending accuracy, the use of world-renowned brands such as Japanese servo systems for wear parts, and the relative ease of use of self-developed software.

Varisigns channel letter bending machine software

Firstly, software is the core of a machine, Varisigns letter bending machine software is not like other companies that buy others to use, but invest heavily in their own software development team to take care of the development and upgrade of the machine software.

Secondly, our machine software is relatively easy to set up compared to other companies whose machines must be re-set with parameters every time they change materials, which requires additional labor and time costs.

Thirdly, Varisigns software is relatively user friendly and usually a novice can master the basic operation of the machine with only half a day or a day of training. No matter what material you use, you can easily make channel lettering with a quick call to existing parameters.

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The capability of Varisigns Channel Bending Machine

Varisigns channel bender machines can bend not only aluminum coils, but also stainless steel and iron. Bending material thickness can be as small as 0.4mm, up to 3mm, with a minimum bending radius of 6mm or 0.24”, and can feed coils or edge strips from 20mm to 400mm wide, so it can do both very small letters and very large letters even over 2 meters high or 15 feet.

“I asked customers in Europe and the U.S. what they thought of Varibend, and the common comment was that Varibend did not feel like a typical Chinese company, but more like some European and American companies. According to them, Varibend’s team is professional and the machines they produce look professional. Customers are not only satisfied with Varibend’s products, but also with Varibend’s excellent after-sales support, and are willing to recommend such a good company to more people who need it,” Ken added.

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What You Can Benefit from Varisigns Channel Bending Machine

Every aspect of Varisigns channel bending machines is carefully designed, from the front straightening mechanism at the beginning of the feed to the alternating robotic clamping feed, the milling cutter and planing knife slotting mechanism. The super intelligent bending software and much more ensure bending efficiency and accuracy.

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The retractable bending knife ensures quick bending of trimless coils or different aluminum profiles into smaller radii, which is faster and can bend smaller bending angles than other suppliers’ pat bending methods, making it easy to bend large and small channel letters.

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The advantage of alternate clamping feeding versus roller feeding is that it will not easily cause scratches to your material and the feeding accuracy is better because the accuracy of the feeding length determines the accuracy of the bending.

channel bender S18 Circulating alternating feeding structure

Varibend has been working hard to develop more intelligent and more humane advertising equipment for more customers. While ensuring product quality and service quality, we have been working hard to create channel letter equipment that is affordable to small and medium-sized advertising enterprises around the world, and we have been on our way.

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