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Most frequent questions and answers about channel letter machines.

To startup your sign business and make your channel letter fabrication automated with our channel letter bender machine, we normally do not suggest investing more.

Basically, you can start with our entry-level model VAM-S3 for both stainless steel and aluminum letters, or if you only make aluminum channel letters, go with the model VAM-S1 which is capable of making all kinds of aluminum profiles, including the trim cap letters.

Well, if you have enough budget and are ready to invest more to grow big, the bender VAM-S6 Plus as recommended covers all channel letter production.

The answer is yes but not totally, cause we have both Yag laser welding machine and handheld fiber laser welding machine, the Yag laser including the models GY-W300/400/500.

The Yag laser welder can weld both stainless steel and galvanized steel perfectly but cannot weld aluminum even the power 500w Yag, so we’d like to recommend you the fiber laser welding machine would be the best choice for welding aluminum channel letters.

We might say the big difference is about the price range, and different configurations make them capable of slotting/bending different channel letter coils with different thicknesses and material widths. Ask for the comparison chart from the online customer service, you will have a clear image in mind.

Yes, our letter bending machine will come with a computer and software pre-installed with pre-calibration data, which make it easier for you to run a machine, ready to plug and play.

Truth to be told, our machine is capable of working 24 hours continuously, because most of the parts are imported with high quality, such as Omron sensors, Delta A2, Japan Mitsubishi/FUJI Servo system, and SMC components.

Absolutely yes, we have channel letter machines sold all over the world, you can consult with our online customer service or contact our sales team for the reference information freely at any time.

It normally takes around 30 days by sea and 7 days by air to most of the areas.

Yes, we also have the channel letter coils for sale which will be a great help for you to save a lot of time looking around, all these coils are workable on our letter benders.

Firstly, our bender software has no limit for the size you can work on, just the bending blade height determines the letter depth.

Secondly, how small the letter you can do depends on the bending blade structure, as all our machines use the telescopic bending blade which features a smaller bending radius and sharper corners, so we are going to say the minimum channel letter height could be reached in 6 centimeters (2.4’’), and the maximum could be up to 2 meters (6.56ft) high or more.

We have laser cutting machines for both metal and nonmetal materials, fiber laser cutting machines for cutting metal only, and a Co2 laser cutter that is capable of cutting both stainless steel, galvanized steel, and acrylic.

While apparently, if you want to cut both, the mixed laser cutter GY-1325M would be a great choice. Do you also want a CCD camera on it to cut off your printing arts? Bingo! Go with the model GY-1325L.

Well, this topic we wouldn’t talk about how best our machines are because we have talked a lot in our pages and blogs, we are going to talk about the problems you might have if you go with other suppliers from 3 aspects.

1) Price, we exactly know you might have much cheaper offers from other suppliers, but a good product will always speak for itself, poor machine parts quality could not keep your machine up and running 99.9% of the time, once it breaks down, you will have a loss in production. VS Varisigns is able to keep your machine almost no down time.

2) Software, 90% of the machines in the market use the universal software which comes from a third-party software company, which means it might have a 30% of possibility of a software crash. VS Varisigns is able to develop the software by our own team.

3) After-service, most of the suppliers only provide a one-year warranty with dead service, this will make you spend more time on it which means you cannot get the fast response and rapid solution as expected. VS Varisigns is able to give you fast response less than 10 minutes.

Not actually, the bender software is easy to learn and operate, we helped a lot of beginners in channel bender machines, if you have a basic knowledge of computers and are willing to spend a little time on learning, then it is not a big job. Just check out the full video tutorials here, https://www.varibend.com/tutorials/

Regarding the hardware, it might last all life because most of the parts are Diecast, not easy to get deformation. The point is the lifetime of the electric components which might last about 2 or 3 years.

Normally we offer quote with shipping by the sea in terms of FOB, CIF, and shipping by air is available if the customer needs it, we also have a lot of experience in offering door-to-door service which means shipping to your factory address with the best shipping rates. Just waiting for your machines without any worries.

Most of our machines are in stock and ready to be shipped, so just send your deposit to make the ball rolling and we could make the fast delivery within one week or so.

Normally the wire transfer is preferred in a 30% deposit to get started the production (shipping arrangement) and balance payment before shipment. Of course, you also can send payment by credit card, we shall receive it per PayPal account with our company email address affiliated. (Relevant PayPal fees will occur and shall count on your side.)

Once you bought machines, our relationship just begins, you can get Teamviewer support online, video tutorials, or manuals of paperwork.

Welcome to our factory for free training, or we can send our technician to your site for giving training and installation service, but you shall bear the relevant charges, such as the round air tickets, food, and accommodation, engineer service charges range in 100~150USD per day. The training period takes 2 days for one machine as a recommendation.

Most of our machines come with two-year warranty time for free parts replaced (wear parts excluded), lifetime unlimited service, and 24/7 online support whenever needed.

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