Varisigns Channel Letter Bender Machine is Fully Automated

Varisigns CNC channel Letter bender machine makes your 3D signage fabrication process fully automated. At Varisigns, we have worked hard to cut down on the waste which is produced during the process. Not only that, but our machine will help you to cut down on labor costs as well, so you can improve on efficiency and accuracy of your efforts.

The machine automatically bends 3D sign letters whether your material is aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized iron, brass, copper, or any other materials you might need. It’s easier now, more than ever, to create trimless, reverse, halo-lit, and trim cap 3D channel letters. What’s more, the automatic letter bender forms both aluminum and stainless steel letters in thickness up to 2.0mm (.080”) and in height from very small 3D sign letters around 60mm (2.4”) to big 3D channel letters of more than 2 meters (6.56ft). The super letter bender also works well with our laser welding machines and perfectly matches with the cutting panels from the CNC routers and laser cutting machines.

There are hundreds of channel benders available today. Choosing the right one for a business may be quite a bother. And if done wrongly, it will lead to a waste of money and time. The following will guide you in choosing the right channel benders.

channel bender machine ball screw

Quality and Reliability

All of our automatic letter bender machines are equipped with high-quality ball screw servo systems which help keep the machine fast, powerful, and accurate for your 3D channel lettering.

The channel letters machines are made with steel-welded frames and machined parts which are produced by our own CNC machining center, ensuring that all the parts are of top quality and finished letter bending machines are at the best prices.

Ease of Use

The CNC channel letter bending machine software is designed by our own R&D center based on years’ worth of experience in the industry and customer feedback.

The bender software is more stable and compatible compared to the general one purchased by other suppliers on the market. It’s also user-friendly, making it easy to learn and operate. The flexible file format input with AI, DXF, or PLT, works well with Coreldraw, FlexiSIGN, Adobe Illustrator, and more!

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Fast Delivery & 2-year Warranty

We offer FREE shipping to most countries with the fastest delivery timeframe of 7 to 10 business days. Most of our channel letter machines are in stock and ready to be shipped but it’s always a good idea to check for availability prior to placing an order.

We provide complete pre-sale consultations, full quote proposals, and reliable after-service including and not limited to installation instructions, operation training, and maintenance as well as a two-year warranty and 24/7 online support. Whether you’re a walk-in at our factory or require on-site service, you can expect complete satisfaction. You won’t have to worry about after-sales care from the very first day the machine enters your workshop.

The Best Channel Letter Bender Machine for Sale

Channel Letter Bender Machine for All 3D Sign Letters

The best channel letter bending machine for sale, an automatic bending machine that bends stainless steel and aluminum in all styles.

Model: VAM-S6 Plus
Materials: Stainless Steel, Iron, Copper, Flat Aluminum Strips and all styles of aluminum profiles
Material Height (Letter Depth): 20~200mm (0.8”~8”)
Bending Thickness: Up to 2.0mm (.080”)

Capability: Trimless channel letters, reverse, halo-lit and trim cap signs

All-in-one Channel Letter Bending Machine channel letter machines
Flange Channel Letter Bending Machine

V notch and Flange Bending Machine for Trim Cap 3D Signs

The channel bender with V-cut and flange forming flanged trim cap 3D channel letters, machine bends over 15 feet tall letters.

Model: VAM-S18
Materials: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Iron, Copper
Coil Height (Letter Depth): 25~200mm (1”~8”).
Bending Thickness: Up to 1.5mm (.063”).

Capability: Trim cap letters with a flange back and reverse 3D sign letters

CNC Channel Letter Bending Machine for Big Metal 3D Sign Letters

CNC channel bending machine for sale at a good price, the best choice for bending indoor and outdoor big 3D metal sign letters.

Model: VAM-S6
Materials: Stainless Steel, Iron, Copper, Flat Aluminum
Material Height (Letter Depth): 20~200mm (0.8”~8”)
Thickness: Up to 1.5mm (.063”)

Application: Trimless, reverse and halo-lit 3d illumination letters

CNC Channel Letter Bending Machine
Industrial Channel Letter Bending Machine

Super Channel Bender Machine for Outdoor 3D Giant Letters

The heavy-duty super channel bender for sale, automatic bending flat coils of stainless steel, aluminum letters in thickness up to 3.0mm (.118”).

Model: VAM-S40
Materials: Stainless Steel, Iron, Copper, Flat Aluminum Coil Strips
Bend Coil Height (Letter Depth): 25~300mm (1”~11.8”)
Thickness: Up to 3.0mm (.118”)

Letters can do: Trimless, reverse, and halo-lit 3D signs

Aluminium Channel Letter Bending Machine for All Aluminum 3D Signs

The best aluminum letter bender is the basic model to get a quick start for bending aluminum 3D sign letters in all styles.

Model: VAM-S1
Materials: Flat aluminum strips and different styles of aluminum profiles
Material Height (Letter Depth): 20~130mm (0.8”~5”)
Thickness: Up to 1.5mm (.063”)

Able to do: Trimless, halo-lit and trim cap 3D sign letters

Aluminum Channel Letter Bending Machine
Economical Channel Letter Bending Machine

Entry-level Stainless Steel Channel Letter Bender

The most affordable channel letters bender for stainless steel and aluminum letters at the cost price for 3D sign making.

Model: VAM-S3
Materials: Stainless Steel, Iron, Copper, Aluminum
Height (Letter Depth): 20~130mm (0.8”~5”)
Thickness: Up to 1.5mm (.063”)

For Letters: Trimless, reverse, and halo-lit 3d led signs letter

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