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Varisigns is your first choice of automatic channel letter machine manufacturer.

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Our Vision

We believe that the future trend of channel letter machines is becoming simpler and smarter.

At Varisigns, the development of machines with a simpler design, a higher degree of automation and lower maintenance costs is the goal we have always pursued. We hope that with our help, you can really free up your hands and automated your channel letter production.

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Reputable Manufacturer
Over 15 Years of Experience

Founded in 2006, VARI TECHNOLOGY LTD started its first brand as VARIBEND and has long been the world-leading manufacturer in channel letter bending machine

We have been focusing on the global market layout ever since the establishment, to provide our valued customers a fully automated signage production line, our brand team VARISIGNS which as a registered trademark took over the international business since 2016 which covering all channel letter automation equipment including automatic letter bender machine, laser welding machineCNC router & laser cutting machine.

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Reliable Quality
24/7 Online Support

For quality, reliability, and incomparable 24/7 Online customer service, competitive prices with the fastest delivery time of 7 to 10 days, VARISIGNS is your Primary choice for automatic channel letter fabrication machinery.

All series of channel letter machine carries a full two-year warranty and passed CE, FDA, and other international certifications. Let us take your sign fabrication business from labor-intensive to fully automated today.

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