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Enhance Your Channel Letter Production Efficiency Today, Saving 80% on Labor Costs and Time.

What We Do?

Since 2006, Varisigns has been dedicated to producing top-notch, dependable, and fully automated Channel Letter Bending Machines of exceptional quality.

With labor costs on the upswing, approximately 90% of sign makers are actively seeking more efficient and precise methods for crafting 3D channel letter signs. Our Automatic Channel Letter Bender not only delivers substantial time and cost savings but also ensures impeccable results.

All of our channel letter machines are CE certified with quality assured. We stand behind our products with a generous 2-year warranty and round-the-clock online support. In summary, let’s transform your labor-intensive 3D sign-making tasks into a seamless, automated, and efficient process starting today!

Why Choose Varisigns Channel Letter Machine?

High-quality parts keep your machine up and running 99.9% of the time.

Intricate Manual Assembly​

Intricate Manual Assembly

The quality of the sign-making machine is fully traceable throughout the entire production process.

Likewise, we focus on each step from start to finish, and this process is what tells the difference between high-quality CNC channel letter benders and the rest of the fray. Our engineers have at least three years of expertise. They spend a lot of time putting the right parts in the right place without any errors to make the machine with high accuracy and stability.

100% Quality Parts Assured

The high-quality parts determine the overall quality of the channel letter machine. That is to say, each part is crucial to the quality of the machine. 

At Varisigns, we work with world-renowned brands to source and acquire the best parts. For instance, the sensor is from Omron, the servo system is from DELTA or FUJI. Besides, the Air Cylinder and Pneumatic components are from SMC.

The main hardware of the bender adopts a casting integrated structure, such as the bending parts, the feeding parts, and the encoder parts. Above all, it ensures high precision, stability, and longer service life.

100% Quality Parts Assured​
Ready to Plug and Play​

Ready to Plug and Play

All the sign making machines guarantee that you can pretty much plug and play at the moment of receipt.

It cuts production time with the calibration of the channel letters bender. Because the machine will come with a computer and auto bender software pre-installed. 

The parameters will be debugged before shipment, so no need to worry about incompatible issues. We’ve got you all covered.

Automatic Channel Bender Machine Lineup

Check it out to see which channel letters machine is right for your 3D advertising sign making.

Flange Channel Letter Bending Machine
Model: VAM-S18
Channel Letter Bending Machine with V-notch and Flange Function

The best letter bender in forming flanged and reverse channel letters.

All-in-one Channel Letter Bending Machine channel letter machines
Model: VAM-S6 Plus
All-in-one Best Channel Letter Bending Machine

The best letter bending machine for all channel letter signs making.

Industrial Channel Letter Bending Machine
Model: VAM-S40
Super Channel Letter Bender Machine for Outdoor Letters

The heavy-duty model for making outdoor landscape letters, square letters.

CNC Channel Letter Bending Machine
Model: VAM-S6
CNC Channel Letter Bending Machine for Big 3D Signs Making

The affordable letter bending machine for both indoor and outdoor big 3D sign letters making.

Economical Channel Letter Bending Machine
Model: VAM-S3
Cheap Channel Letter Bender Machine for Small Sign Shop

The entry-level with a very affordable price for aluminum and stainless steel letters.

Aluminum Channel Letter Bending Machine
Model: VAM-S1
Aluminium Channel Letter Bending Machine for All Aluminum Letters

The quick startup model in making aluminum channel letters of different styles.