Fiber Handheld Laser Welding Machine

  • 24hrs Continuous Welding Capability
  • All Metal Materials Application
  • Longer Service Life
  • Free Maintenance
  • Easy Operation
channel letter welding machine

Fiber Handheld Laser Welder for Sale

The best handheld laser torch welding machine to cover all your metal welding needs.

Varisigns Fiber Handheld Laser Welder or fiber laser welding machine features excellent accuracy and high power density of the laser beam, which is focused on a small area through an optical system.

It is the best laser welding machine for aluminum letters and other metal alloys thanks to its wobble laser welding gun. This means the welded parts form a localized heated area with a high concentration of energy in a very short time so the fabrication material is melted, creating a solid welding point and the two pieces are joined together.

The handheld fiber laser welding machine adopts an integrated design with its small footprint but the aesthetically pleasing structure and high-precision beam mode. It boasts of stable performance because of its continuous power, high-quality parts, fast welding speed, wide welding range and longer service life.


  • Fiber laser sourced for longer service life and high photo-electronic conversion efficiency while at the same time being low maintenance, easy to operate and environmentally friendly.
  • Compact design for a smaller footprint and less clutter. The built-in water cooling system ensures safety and longer service life.
  • Nice and smooth finishing even with repetitive welding in the same spot. Light polishing after welding is suggested but not necessary especially if Argon gas is used when welding stainless steel.
  • 1000W and 1500W power options available to meet various demands for welding depth and work efficiency.


The handheld fiber laser welder is perfect for forming pieces of different sheet metal pieces such as channel letter fabrications, commercial kitchens, stoves, grill and food carts, doors, windows, frames, metal furniture, lamp covers, power cases, fireboxes, pipes and so much more!

Varisigns handheld laser welder Applications
Welding Samples

Welding Samples

Welding samples of aluminum workpieces, stainless steel pipes and sheet metal fabrications with Seamless welding

Wobble Laser Welding Gun (Standard)

Wobble welding gun can realize 4mm large beads welding, which allows wider seam or rough edge of material.

Wobble laser welding gun

Wobble Welding Gun With Wire Feeder (Optional)

Auto wire feeder can build up a better and stronger finishing

Wobble_laser welding gun with wire feeder system

Technical Parameters




Laser Power



Laser Source

Raycus Fiber

Laser wavelength

1080nm fiber laser

Laser Mode

Continuous Mode & Pulsed Mode

Pulse Width


Pulse Frequency


Welding Spot Diameter

0.2~4.0mm adjustable

Locating System

Red laser beam

Flexible Worktable

Support co-work with robot arm

Fiber Cable Length

10 meters (33’)

Cooling Mode

Built-in Water Chiller

Welding Gun

Wobble laser gun with QBH fiber connector

Additional Functions

Auto wire feeder system (Optional)

Welding Thickness

Steel≤2.5mm (0.1’’), Aluminum≤2.0mm (.080’’)

Steel≤3.5mm (0.14’’), Aluminum≤3.0mm (.118’’)

Power Consumption



Power Supply

1 phase 220V ±10%/50HZ (60HZ)

3-phase 380V ±10%/50HZ (60HZ)

Packing Dimensions


Gross Weight


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