Fiber Handheld Laser Welder

  • 10 Times Faster than Mig and Tig Welding
  • 24hrs Continuous Welding Capability
  • All Metal Materials Application
  • Longer Service Life
  • Free Maintenance
  • Easy Operation
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Fiber Handheld Laser Welding Machine for Sale

The best fiber handheld laser welding machine to cover all your metal welding jobs.

Varisigns handheld laser welder or fiber laser welding machine features an excellent accuracy and high power density of the laser beam welding, which is focused on a small area through an optical system.

It is the best portable laser welder for aluminum letters and other metal alloys thanks to its double wobble laser welding gun. That is to say, the welded parts form a localized heated area with a high speed concentration of energy in a very short time, so the fabrication material is melted. It creates a solid welding point, then the weld joints are joined together.

The hand held welder machine adopts an integrated design with a small footprint, but a nice structure and a high precision beam mode. It boasts of a stable performance because of its continuous power and high quality parts. As a result, the hand held welder provides a fast welding speed, a wide welding range and a longer service life.


  • The Fiber laser sourced for a longer service life and a high electro-optical conversion efficiency while at the same time being low maintenance. It is easy to operate and no pollution.
  • It is compact design for a smaller footprint and less clutter. The built-in water cooling system ensures safety and a longer service life.
  • It is nice and smooth finishing even with repetitive welding in the same spot. No polish required if Argon or Nitrogen gas is used while welding stainless steel.
  • 1000W, 1500W, and 2000W laser welding power options available to meet various demands for welding depth and work efficiency.


The handheld fiber laser welding is perfect for forming pieces of different sheet metal pieces, such as channel letter fabrications, commercial kitchens, stoves, grill and food carts, doors, windows, frames, metal furniture, lamp covers, power cases, fireboxes, pipes and so much more!

fiber handheld laser welder applications
Wobble_laser welding gun with wire feeder system

Double Wobble Welding Gun With Automatic Wire Feeder System

The fiber laser welder works with the Auto wire feeder can build up a better and stronger finishing, with stable and excellent welding effect, thus product quality is highly improved. Feeder can work with wire diameter in 0.8mm (20Ga), 1.0mm (18Ga), 1.2mm (16Ga).

Compared with the single wobble head, the welding spot is more adjustable and welding speed is faster without deformation, undercut or burns. Wobble welding gun can realize 5 mm weld seams and rough edge of material.

Welding Samples Under Different Laser Working Modes

The fiber handheld laser welder is widely used in welding work pieces of aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel and brass. It benefits a nice finish under different laser welder working modes.

It perfectly solves the problem which the traditional welding system cannot weld aluminum materials well.

welding samples of different laser welding modes_01

The Advantages of Double Wobble Laser Head

The double wobble laser head features six laser welding working modes for options, such as dot, line, circle, double circle, triangle, and double triangle modes. What’s more, the adjustable Frequency and Width under Motor Control which are more flexible according to the welding process requirements for different work pieces. 

4 Types of Welding Tips Available

Brass tip styles help to improve the efficiency of the welding process. These four styles of tips include corner welding, handheld laser cutting, wire-feeding and standard welding. Welding can easily be completed with faster speeds thanks to laser technology, assuming the right tip is used.

brass nozzel of different welding

Applications of Double Wobble Laser Welding Head

The double wobble welding head has six working modes while the single one has only two.

Welding Mode


Dot Mode

Dot mode or we call it spot welding is good at deep penetration welding, such as laser perforation, stitch welding and cutting like a handheld laser cutter.

Line Mode

For butt welding, external corner welding and wire-feed welding.

Circle Mode

For welding thin plate (minimum 0.3mm or .012’’) and 90 degrees corner welding.

Double Circle Mode

Enhanced circle mode, common use in various kinds of corner welding.

Triangle Mode

For all kinds of welding and wire-feed welding.

Double Triangle Mode

Enhanced triangle mode, for internal and external corner welding with nice fish scale pattern.

Handheld Laser Welder Technical Parameters

handheld laser welder parameters png

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about the laser welding machine

What condition does the handheld laser welder need to run?

Regarding the power supply, 220vt single phase, 40A breaker required for the model GY-WF1000 and GY-WF1500. 380vt three phase, 60A breaker needed for the GY-WF2000.

Last but not least, Shield gas of Argon or Nitrogen must be supplied to this laser welding system in any condition, the working gas pressure is around 0.2MPa or 2bar or 29psi.

What’s in the package and what is optional?

The laser handheld welder for sale comes with water chiller, auto wire feeder, and some consumables such as protective lens, nozzles and a pair of goggles.

For some countries, you might also need the transformer to provide 380 voltage for the laser welder GY-WF2000 which is the optional you can consult our sales.

How long do I need to replace the consumables?

The consumables including the lens and nozzle, normally the protective lens can run the service time about 800 hours, and the brass nozzle can run about 2~3 months, that’s all depends on your workload.

What type of welder is best for aluminum?

For now, the fiber laser welder is the advanced technology which is the best type for welding aluminum, it’s supper fast (about 10 times faster than TIG or MIG welder) and eco-friendly but easy to operate.

How to choose from the different powers?

Simple, if you are going to weld up to 1mm or .040’’ thick aluminum, choose GY-WF1000 (1000 watts), if up to 2mm or .080’’ thick aluminum, go with GY-WF1500 (1500 watts), weld aluminum up to 3mm or .118’’ thick, better with GY-WF2000 (2000 watts), even though the power can be free adjustable for different thickness, but DO NOT exceed the peak power of the machine more often, it is harmful for the laser parts.

Why and when do we need to work with the wire feeder?

You can work with it or without, your choice! Actually, the wire feeder is not always needed in the welding production, it can be used for welding some workpieces with gap which means the two parts cannot get together without any space, so you can work with it to make the workpieces much stronger and no leakage.

What’s the difference between your hand held welder and the one from the other suppliers?

The biggest difference is the laser wobble technology, our machine is double wobble laser head which has six working modes, it is more flexible and faster while welding different jobs. On the contrary, most of the fiber laser welding machines on the market are single wobble head (including ipg lightweld) which has limited functionality. Lastly, regarding the laser welder cost, the ipg photonics lightweld 1500 price is not affordable for most of the buyers.

What is the procedure for training, warranty, repairs after the warranty period?

All our machines will be well calibrated before packing and come with two-year warranty time. The site training and video tutorials are also available, never hesitate to get our 24/7 online customer service and lifetime unlimited technical support.

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