Multi-function V-cut and Flange Channel Letter Bender Machine

V cut and flange Channel Letter Bender Machine model VAM-S18 is not only with the basic functions of automatic feeding, slotting and bending, but also features the auto v-cut (notch), automatic flagging, and shearing functions.

Five-axis FUJI servo control system provides high accuracy, fast speed, and strong stability. It works with both stainless steel and aluminum coils, with coil heights up to 200mm (8’’). The Flange channel letter bender VAM-S18 is the best choice for fabricating trim cap channel letters, and reverse channel letters 3D signs for both indoor and outdoor use.

V-cut Flange Channel Letter Bender Machine for Trim Cap 3D Signs

The best V notch and flanging automatic channel letter bender, bending 3D sign letters with flange, machine bends up to .063″ thick aluminum.

Model: VAM-S18
Materials: Stainless Steel, Iron, Copper, Flat Aluminum Strips
Material Height (Letter Depth): 25~200mm (1”~8”).
Thickness: Up to 1.5mm (.063”)

Letters: Trim cap letters, back-lit reverse channel letters


  1. Material straightens system to avoid material jam during processing.
  2. Slot tools are made of imported high-strength alloy blades, it is able to notch coils up to 1.5mm (.063’’) thick.
  3. Five-axis FUJI servo systems to make the flange channel letter bender able to v notch both stainless steel and aluminum.
  4. The automatic flanging function makes it flexible and easy for channel letter clinching.
  5. The telescopic bending blade and caster bending structure feature lifetime stability and accuracy.
  6. It is the best flange channel letter bender machine to make the 3D trim cap channel letter signs, 3D reverse sign letters, and 3D halo-lit channel letters.

Technical Parameters

FunctionAuto feed, Auto Slot, V notch, Flange, Shearing, Auto Bend
Applicable MaterialsStainless Steel, Iron, Copper, Flat Aluminum
Material Height20~200mm (0.8”~8”)
Bending ThicknessMax. 1.5mm (.063”)
V-Cut ThicknessStainless steel, iron is up to 0.8mm (.031”), Flat Aluminum is up to 1.5mm (.063”)
PrecisionLess than 0.1mm (.004”)
Minimum Bending Radius6mm (15mm or 0.59” with flange)
Distance from internal and external anglesMinimum 10mm (0.40”)
Feeding MethodDouble Ball Screw Alternating Feeding
V-Cut TypeServo motor Control Stamping
V-Cut Angle30 to 120 degree
Flanging TypePneumatic Right angle Bent
Flanging Edge Width12mm (0.47’’)
Driving MotorsFUJI Servo (ALPHA5 Smart Plus) 5pcs
VoltageAC220V, 50/60HZ, 20A
Power Supply3.8KW
File FormatDXF, PLT
FootprintL2810*W1280*H1810mm (9.2’×4.2’)
feeder case 700*700*1200mm (2.3’×2.3’)
Gross Weight900KG (1984lbs)
CNC channel letter bender material pre-straightening

Material Straighten System

The material straightens the system of the flange channel letter bender is to avoid material jams during processing. It solves the problem of material deformation caused by extrusion, and highly improves the 3D signs letter production efficiency and accuracy.

Circulating Alternating Feeding System

Alternating double mechanical hands feeding structure provides a high speed. The material clamp adopts the casting parts, so it can improve the grip of the feeding while avoiding scratching the 3D channel letter coils.

The use of air cylinders to control the feeding bracket and eliminate the phenomenon of warping in the feeding process ensures smooth feeding. Meanwhile, the double ball screw with nylon gear transmission, which is accurate positioning, greatly improved the feeding speed and stability.

channel bender S18 Circulating alternating feeding structure
channel bender S18 Imported Slotting System​

Imported Slotting System

The flange channel letter bender Slotting tools are made of imported high-strength alloy blades which are applicable for various 3D sign materials.

Each blade has 8 pieces of cutting edges, thus no sharpening is required, just rotate the angle once it is run out. It prolongs the service life and greatly improves processing efficiency. Moreover, the imported linear guide rails with ball screw transmission, and high power servo motors, which is to ensure the stability and consistency of the notching.

Automatic V-cut (notch) System

The servo motor-controlled V cut system features smooth cutting teeth with different angles of 30/120 degrees.

The v notch system is able to cut teeth of stainless steel and iron up to 0.8mm (.031”) thick, aluminum up to 1.5mm (.063”). It is high efficient, more accurate, and more stable. No noise, no pollution, and more eco-friendly.

flange channel letter bender v notch system
channel bender S18 Automatic Flanging System​

Automatic Flanging System

Automatic flanging with pneumatic angle edge width up to 12mm (0.47’’). It is flexible and easy to work with the 3D channel letter clincher to make the backing plate installation much stronger.

The flange function is also can be disabled which is easy to make standard reverse 3D sign letters freely.

Telescopic Bending System

The flange channel letter bender bending parts adopts a nodular cast iron structure, which has a very good vibration absorption and a high structural strength.

As a result, the number of parts splicing is reduced. It is with a high-power FUJI servo system to ensure the bending mechanism is permanent without any deformation under high-speed bending work. It is able to bend 3D channel letter coils up to 1.5mm (.063”) thick.

channel bender S18 bending blade

Automatic Shearing System

The automatic sharing system greatly saves your time and makes the production of your 3D signs really fully automated.

It is the pneumatic cut that is working under standard 3D reverse channel letters making mode. It will cut off the 3D letters after the full job is done, no more breaking it back and forth manually.

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