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As we know, to make complete 3D channel letters, we need to have at least three machines at the ready: one channel letter bending machine for the sidewall, one laser cutting machine for the steel panel, and lastly, the one machine that we will be discussing in this article: the handheld fiber laser welding machine which is capable of welding any kind of metal letters. We will know how to weld channel letters with this machine.

It breaks the limitations of the Yag laser-welding machine on materials because of its power and firmness of the finish, which makes it the best machine for welding your aluminum channel letters.
handheld fiber laser welder

How does fiber laser welding work?

Since the fiber handheld laser welding machine can release a high energy, high-density laser beam as the heat source on the metal surface during operation, it enables more efficient and precise welding than traditional welding. The high precision laser beam positioning makes the welding position free from any deviation, and the adjustable laser power makes the welded parts less prone to weld through, burned edges and other problems.

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As is known to all, stainless steel or iron channel letters are the easiest to be welded by the traditional YAG laser welding, but the YAG welding or TIG/MIG welder on welding aluminum is still not strong enough or simply can not be welded, because aluminum is a highly reflective material, so the emergence of fiber laser welding technology to solve the problem of aluminum channel letter welding, not only can be welded aluminum letters can also be welded copper letter and other highly reflective materials.

It is worth mentioning that the application of a wobble welding head can achieve a maximum of 5mm wide seam welding, in addition to the additional automatic wire feeder filler welding, making the welded workpiece more solid.

fiber handheld laser welder aluminum welding

Advantages of the handheld fiber laser welding machine

  1. Widely used in welding and forming different sheet metal pieces, ad signs, commercial kitchen equipment like stoves and food carts as well as windows, frames, metal furniture, lamp covers, power cases, fire boxes, pipes and so much more.
  2. Well-known fiber laser source applied to give it a longer service life and high performance, high photo-electronic conversion efficiency all with low maintenance and easy operation.
  3. Compact design and built-in water-cooling system to help minimize its footprint and ensure the greatest mobility.
  4. Choose from 1000W, 1500W, 2000W and 3000W to meet the different demands for welding depth and efficiency.
  5. Standard water-cooled welding gun support shield gas and optional wobble welding gun that can cover a 4mm-sized welding spot, allowing a wider seam or rough edge.
  6. Nice smooth finishing, 24-hours continuous welding and free polishing included.

How to weld channel letters?

Welding channel letters involves several steps, which include preparing the materials, cutting and forming the letters, and welding them together. Here are the basic steps to weld channel letters:

  1. Prepare the materials: You will need aluminum or steel sheets, a channel letter bender, a handheld laser welder, welding filler wire, and safety equipment such as gloves, goggles, and a welding helmet.

  2. Cut and form the letters: Use a channel letter bending machine to cut and form the letters from the metal sheets. The bender will help you to create precise curves and angles for the letters.

  3. Fit the letters together: Place the letters together to ensure a proper fit. Check the spacing and alignment of each letter to make sure they fit together snugly.

  4. Weld the letters: Once you have fitted the letters together, use a hand welder to join the letters together. Start by tack welding the corners and edges of each letter to hold them in place. Then, weld the letters together along their seams and joints using filler wire.

  5. Clean up the welds: After welding, use a grinder or sandpaper to clean up the welds and remove any excess material.

  6. Finish the letters: Once the letters are welded together and cleaned up, you can finish them with paint or vinyl graphics.

It’s important to note that welding can be a dangerous process, and it’s essential to follow proper safety procedures and guidelines when welding channel letters. If you are new to welding or unsure of the process, it’s best to seek guidance from a professional or take a welding course before attempting to weld channel letters on your own.

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