How to Make Channel Letters by Automatic Channel Letter Machines?

How to Make Channel Letters by Automatic Channel Letter Machines?

>Front Lit Letters & Logos Solutions

How to make the front-lit letters & logos?

Front-Lit letters and Logos are the most common form of Illuminated Sign Letters and Logos, such as the aluminum 3D channel letters with acrylic face, stainless steel or galvanized steel channels with return edges and acrylic face, and Epoxy Resin Letters.

Well, if you already have the CNC router or the laser cutting machine for the acrylic face, you only need a channel letter bending machine. The VAM-S1 model is for your basic needs and low budget to make aluminum channel letters only, and the VAM-S6 Plus model is for your high requirement, which is more powerful as a recommendation to make all materials.

Back-lit letters & logos Solutions

How can I make the backlit sign letters with your machines?

If you are going for the “higher-end” of the illuminated Signage Letter and Logo appeal, then a BackLit sign or Reverse Channel Sign Letter or Logo is the best option.

Firstly, you have to get one fiber laser cutting machine for metal face, if you have no idea for which one, we’d like to recommend the model GY-1325M which is the best Co2 mixed laser cutting machine capable of cutting metal and nonmetal materials.

Secondly, if you work with basic simple jobs, our automatic letter bender model VAM-S3 is really affordable, if you want the best model VAM-S5 which can make the thickness of material 1.5mm and height 130mm as max, for big channel letters job you can go with the model VAM-S6 or VAM-S6 Plus which can work with more thicker material 2.0mm and height 200mm, model VAM-S5, and VAM-S6 can make both flat and profile materials. What’s more, the channel letter bender VAM-S40 is your best choice if you have more projects for outdoor giant letters.

To make a full solution and higher efficiency work, you might also need the laser welding machine, no need to weld aluminum, choose the power less than 500W, the model GY-W300 or GY-W400 is enough, want welding jobs for stainless steel and aluminum or other metal alloys, we suggest the model GY-W500F or higher power 1000W with a fiber laser source GY-WF1000.

Acrylic Letter & Logos Solutions

Cut acrylic letters and logos are most popular because they look like crystal, very nice and rich color options, also economical and affordable, what’s more, very convenient delivery as so light.

Our Co2 acrylic laser cutting machine L6-1325 is capable to cut to different shapes and thicknesses up to 40mm. LED acrylic letter signage is becoming more and more popular in recent years, which is made from the acrylic engraved by the desktop laser engraver, and with side coating and face painted in different colors, very friendly to the environmental protection. Suitable for shopping malls, storefront, and other corporate image logos, better enhance the company’s brand image. Because it’s small, thin and light, so we also called it a mini letter.

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