Why Choose Varisigns Channel Letter Bender Machine?

What is a channel letter bender machine? Why choose Varisigns?

Whether you call them automatic letter bender, CNC channel letter bending machine, channel letter bender machine or channel letters machine, Varisigns’ machines are some of the best ones you can choose to replace your original channel letter tools for signage fabrication.

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Compared with other channel letter benders on the market, all our machines use the alternating telescopic bending system including the most affordable one for aluminum materials. These machines provide very small radians and sharp corners, with the channel letters being able to reach 60mm (2.4”) in height with the maximum reaching up to more than 2 meters (6.56ft) high. This means whether you need to fabricate big or small 3D letters, this kind of configuration is best.

100% Quality Parts Assured​

Why choose varisigns letter bender? The main hardware of Varisigns’ channel letter making machines adopts an integrated casting structure namely the bending, clamping alternating feeding and encoder parts among many more. This helps ensure the machine’s high precision and reliable stability to a greater extent, making the machine last for possible up to 10 years.

Ready to Plug and Play​

Want to take off and play around with your Varisigns automatic channel letter bending machines? We guarantee you can plug and play from the moment of receipt. All of our machines come with a computer and pre-installed software. The software itself, you can rest assured, has been debugged prior to shipment so you won’t have to worry about incompatibility problems. We’ve got you all covered.

Why choose Varisigns channel letter bender? We developed our very own channel letter bending machine software in-house and it’s constantly upgraded over the years, making its English interface simple and easy to understand and the machine itself is easier to operate. We also have TeamViewer remote support available when needed, should you run into any software problems.

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Varisigns CNC channel letter production is based in China, proudly serving customers all over the globe.  

80% of our customers are in Europe and the US, challenging us to exceed all sales and services expectations with our seamless after-sales and service protocols available to all. Compared with local brands in the US and Europe, Varisigns’ technology is more advanced but the machines are more affordable. Even with our already extensive list of customers, Varisigns is constantly innovating new technology and we are committed to providing you with more advanced channel letter equipment.

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Our delivery time frame takes up to 10 business days and all of our machines come with a two-year warranty and 24/7 online support which you can always rely on.

As with all of our offerings, quality always comes first. However, we also made sure to create different channel letter bending machines at varying prices to meet our customers’ needs as well as their budget. Feel free to consult our customer service team or email our sales team at sales@varibend.com. You can be sure we will have the best options for you.

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