The Properties of Varisigns Channel Bender Machine

The Channel benders from Varisigns are not only more effective but also more efficient than human workers. A job that will take human workers four or five days to complete can be completed by automatic letter benders in less than a day. And the job will likely be better too.

There’s more. The consistency the channel bender machine brings is definitely a plus to sign makers. No matter how experienced a human is, it is impossible to make the same exact curves and bend the same way every time a letter is made. If a hundred channel letters are made by the same human, there will be minor differences between all letters. This is not the case with automatic channel benders that can make a million perfectly identical letters.

Additionally, there’s a reduced financial burden on business owners, as the channel letter production is more cost-efficient, and the extra tax burdens associated with human workers are removed.

This channel bender machine is a no-brainer for businesses and owners looking to design the best-looking signs for their store front.

channel bender accuracy S18


Accuracy is one of the essential features of a channel bender machine. It reduces the several hours needed to bend channel letters. And it also ensures the bending is done as smoothly as possible. With channel letters, a minor change can ruin the whole process.


Overall quality has to be of a very high level. This quality should extend to every part of the letter channel bender. Therefore, the metal, packaging, support system, and wiring all have to be of top grade. There are many channel letter bender sites online, but Varisigns is one of the few that offers only quality products.

channel bender quality S18
channel bender machine User-Friendliness


What use is a quality, highly advanced channel bender machine if users have a hard time benefitting from it? To gain maximum rewards from a machine, users must be able to use the machine very well. We like to point out that the software that comes with the machine has been developed and tested by our own team.


One of the advantages of using a letter channel bender is cost-efficiency. It will make zero sense for businesses to have to spend hugely on maintaining the channel letter machines. While we do agree that maintenance is essential, a good channel letter bending machine shouldn’t be overly expensive or difficult to maintain.

automatic channel bender Maintenance

The Best Automatic Channel Bender Machine for Sale

Flange Channel Letter Bending Machine
Channel Bender Machine with V-notch and Flange

The only machine for 3D channel letters with v-notch and flange, standard back-lit letters.

  • Model: VAM-S18
  • Applicable Coils: Aluminum, Steel
  • Coil Width: 1”~8” (25~200mm)
  • Bend thickness: up to 1.5mm (.063”)

All-in-one Channel Letter Bending Machine channel letter machines
Best Channel Bender Machine for All 3D Signs

The best model to make all 3D channel letters (excluded letters with flange)

  • Model: VAM-S6 Plus
  • Applicable Coils: Aluminum (profiles in different styles), Steel
  • Coil Width: 0.8”~8” (20~200mm)
  • Bend thickness: up to 2.0mm (.080”)
Aluminum Channel Letter Bending Machine S1 (1)
Cheap Channel Bender Machine for All Aluminum 3D Signs

The affordable model to get started for different kinds of aluminum letters.

  • Model: VAM-S1
  • Applicable Coils: Aluminum (profiles)
  • Coil Width: 0.8”~5” (20~130mm)
  • Bend thickness: up to 1.5mm (.063”)

Industrial Channel Letter Bending Machine
Super Channel Bender Machine for Outdoor 3D Sky Letters

The first option for outdoor big 3D signs project, letter depth up to 16”.

  • Model: VAM-S40
  • Applicable Coils: Aluminum, Steel
  • Coil Width: 1”~16” (25~400mm)
  • Bend thickness: up to 3.0mm (.118”)

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