Super Channel Letter Bender Machine for 3D Outdoor Giant Letters

Super Channel Letter Bender Machine Model VAM-S40 is an industrial-grade letter bending machine. The bending force, bending height, and thickness are perfectly improved, it can bend both stainless steel and aluminum coil strips at heights up to 300mm (16”) and a thickness of 3.0mm (.118”). Specially designed large size active material feeding support, the super-channel letter bender is the best choice for making 3D landscape letters, square letters, and outdoor giant sky 3D sign letters.

Super Channel Letter Bender Machine for 3D Outdoor Giant Letters

The big super channel letter bender for sale, automatic bending stainless steel, aluminum 3D outdoor giant letters in thickness up to 3.0mm (.118”).

Model: VAM-S40
Materials: Stainless Steel, Iron, Copper, Flat Aluminum Strips
Height (Letter Depth): 25~300mm
Thickness: Up to 3.0mm (.118”)

Letters: Trimless, reverse and halo-lit 3D channel letters


  1. The brand and high-quality Servo and ball screw system to make it more powerful for high and thick channel letter coil strips.
  2. The clamping alternating feeding system features a fast feeding speed.
  3. The notching system comes with an air-cooling sprayer to cool down the slotting knife while in processing to make it longer service life.
  4. The telescopic bending system is able to make letters with very narrow strokes and sharp bending corners.

Technical Parameters

FunctionAuto feed, Auto Slot/Cut (front side), Auto Bend
Applicable MaterialsStainless Steel, Iron, Copper, Flat Aluminum
Material Height25 ~ 300mm
Material ThicknessStainless steel, iron up to 2.0mm (.080”), Flat Aluminum up to 3.0mm (.118”) – Optional
Precisionless than 0.1mm (.004”)
Bending RadiusR15mm (0.60”)
Driving Motors3pcs Servo, 1pc stepper
VoltageAC220V, 50/60HZ
Power Supply4.0KW
File FormatAI, DXF, PLT
Footprint2000*800*1750mm (6.56’×2.62’×5.74′)
Packing Size2040*910*2060mm
Gross Weight750KG (1653lbs)
super channel letter bender S40 servo bending motor

Imported Servo Driver System​

The adopted imported brand 1500 watts servo motor and high-quality reducer on the super channel letter bender, as well as 3 pieces of servo motor drivers provide large power, consequently ensuring bending strength for processing thicker materials of 3D super letters production.

Circulating Alternating Feeding System

The Alternating Clamping Feeding system greatly reduced the waste of 3D letter coils. Designed by two sets of fixture clamping material circulating feeding, it aims to eliminate the phenomenon of feeding slip.

Servo drive and high-quality ball screw, moreover, the Linear guide configuration makes the feeding smooth, in other words, the material deformation can be effectively controlled. Most importantly, the length encoder and the system are composed of a Closed-loop control system to ensure the finished channel letters and the source file are perfectly matched.

S40 Alternating Feeding System​
S40 Imported Slotting System​

Imported Slotting System

The High-quality planer tool with air cooling system especially for large stainless steel, iron, and aluminum strips.

CNC lathe knife as a slotting tool of German imported carbide knife, that is to say, it is high strength and low loss, double-sided with 8 pieces of flutes, easy to change, it is time and cost-saving.

Telescopic Bending System

The telescopic bending system is made of nodular cast iron which has good shock absorption and high structural strength. Likewise, the number of parts spliced reduced, therefore, the bending structure never deforms, and the positioning accuracy and bending stability effectively improved.

The super channel bender for sale adopts the servo drive control, so through the adjustment of the servo linear, the rigidity and the torque, even the bending radian and the speed are in perfect control. In conclusion, the finished channel letters completely match with the plates cut by laser cutting machines or routers and engraving machines.

automatic letter bender telescopic bending blade
Varisigns channel letter bender software automatic channel letter bender

Self-developed Software System

The self-designed super channel letter bender software system is developed based on years of industry experience and customer feedback.

For instance, the professional design of a variety of practical functions for different models, moreover, the software is English interface, it is simple and user friendly, easy to learn and operate.

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