How to Make Epoxy Resin Letters by Channel Letter Machine?

LED epoxy resin letters is a new type of LED signs in the advertising industry. With its beautiful luminosity, it has been the favorite of a majority of the most popular brands in the world making it one of the most easily recognizable marketing tools.

So, how does one go about creating epoxy resin letters?

Varisigns Epoxy Resin Letters with the green color

Preparation of production tools:

  1. Electric soldering iron, trimming or polishing machine.
  2. Hot glue gun.
  3. Channel Letter Bending Machine
  4. Laser Welding Machine to make join the two panels together.
  5. Co2 Mixed Laser Cutting Machine for Metal and Non-Metal to cut both acrylic inner support and metal backing.

Step 1: Make the channel letter according to the font size.

For this, iron and stainless steel channel letters are commonly used. There are some brands that may choose to use custom plastic letters in large volumes however, the most common letter depth is 3cm (1.18”) to 10cm (3.93”).

First, the Co2 Mixed Laser Cutting Machine is used to cut out the metal base and the acrylic support base plates.

Secondly, the corresponding channel letter sidewall is bent by using an efficient channel bender machine.

Finally, the metal bottom plate can be welded to join the letter sidewall to complete a 3D channel letter by using a laser welder machine.

Step 2: Polish the channel letter.

After making the channels, use 600 to 1200 mesh water sand to roughed the edges and surfaces. Once done, grind them repeatedly until they are smooth.

Step 3: Spray paint.

Apply spray paint to the surface of the channel letter according to customer requirements. The inside of the channel letter can be sprayed or brushed with special white reflective paint to mirror the light effectively. Fluorocarbon paint is recommended for this purpose.

Step 4: Install the LED module.

  1. Clean the surface of the case
  2. Install the LED patch lamp
  3. Arrange the wires so they are even and connect

Step 5: Attach the acrylic support block.

Position the acrylic support plates and glue into place. The acrylic panel can be tightly sealed using the glue gun to prevent resin from leaking into the channel letter.

Varisigns Epoxy Resin Letters with red and blue color in production

Step 6: Pouring resin.


  1. Epoxy resin glue
  2. Light-diffusing agent
  3. Epoxy resin color paste
  4. Reliable electronic scale

A few things to note when making white epoxy resin letters:

  1. The color paste concentration of epoxy resin is very high. 1% is recommended. It can be mixed with 100 grams of glue A and 1 gram of color paste before finally being mixed with glue B.
  2. To compose epoxy resin, use three parts glue A which is soft and hard glue along with one part glue B. For example, use 300 grams of glue A with 100 grams of glue B.
  3. The amount of light-diffusing agent which is a kind of non-organic light diffusing agent with superior performance. It can transmit light better and can be added PC, PS, PMMA, PET, epoxy resin or other transparent resins and LEDs to scatter the light further and creating a soft and elegant light emission thanks to its opacity. It is widely used in LED epoxy resin letters, electronic display cards, digital tubes, dot matrixes, lampshades and lightbox advertising boards to name a few.
  4. Glue adjustment:
    Glue A: 300g + Glue B: 100g + diffuser (A + B)
    2% of the total amount + 1 g of color paste.


    A + B + (A + B) 2% + (A + B) 1%
    Mix these materials in proportion as soon as possible after mixing to avoid waste.

    Note: try to use precise electronic scales to prevent color inconsistency.

Varisigns Epoxy Resin Letters with purple, blue, red color in production


Control the corresponding thickness of the light guide layer and the uniform light layer according to the thickness of the font.

Take the epoxy resin letters with a thickness of 3cm for example. The resin liquid level is about 5mm from the top to stop casting and the thickness of the resin casting later is about 2cm. This layer is cast as a colorless and transparent layer which can be called a light guide layer.

Varisigns stainless steel resin letter

After the light guide layer is cured, the second layer can be cast.


A+B+ leveling agent+ color paste (3 parts A + 1 part B)+ 2-3% of A leveling agent

+ 0.5 to 1% of A color paste

= second layer of resin

The entire channel letter is filled with this layer which is also called uniform light layer.

varisigns epoxy resin letter

After mixing A and B, be sure to use the concoction up within 35 minutes because the mixed resin will thicken. If you feel that it can still be used even when thickened, you may do so but if not, it may be discarded. Keep in mind that it cannot be broken down to A and/or B.

We hope that the above guide is helpful for everyone who may interested in the craft of making epoxy resin letters. You may also check the video tutorial below.

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