Disadvantages of MIG welding and TIG welding

  1. Certain pre-weld preparations and settings are usually required.
  2. Extremely high heat is generated during welding, resulting in a large heat-affected zone, material distortion, and unsatisfactory welding quality results.
  3. Post-weld processing is required, increasing overall costs and reducing productivity.
  4. In addition, the need to hire experienced welders, especially to weld complex joints, further increases the cost.
fiber laser welder and laser cleaner

Automated fiber laser welder technology can solve the above problems, but until now, it has not been an ideal solution for metal fabricators due to the high cost, large floor space and complexity.

Varisigns addresses these challenges with the introduction of revolutionary new products, the laser welding family of products that provide manufacturers of all sizes with handheld fiber laser welder and cleaning capabilities for both novice and professional welders. The new product is equipped with a ranged 1KW to 3 kW fiber laser source, which can provide 3 kW peak power, and provides the processing power required for welding through an ergonomic hand-held welding torch.

A library of process parameters is stored in the welder, optimized for common material and thickness combinations, and capable of welding dissimilar materials and materials with different electrical conductivities. By combining the beam oscillation (wobble) feature, the wobble width is up to 5 mm, with high tolerance for workpiece assembly gaps, while creating beautiful welds. With a small footprint and lightweight, it is portable and easy to carry. These features make this solution a revolutionary laser innovation, as well as a high-productivity industrial tool.

fiber laser welder 6mm steel welding

Fiber Laser Welder Application

In the sheet metal fabrication industry, the main challenge is the shortage of skilled workers, especially for the more demanding TIG welding, which often requires highly skilled operators. Varisigns handheld fiber laser welder overcomes this problem, and almost anyone can start laser welding quickly with good results. The point is that the process needs to be developed and optimized first, and then integrated into the system. For example, after safety training, even assemblers with no welding experience can repeatedly weld stable, consistent lap joints because the system automatically adjusts the laser process for spot welding based on the selected material and thickness.

fiber laser welder 6mm aluminum welding sample

Laser welders can not only weld conventional joints, but also more complex joints such as geometries, which can also help improve product designs. The design takes advantage of laser welding capabilities, enabling operators to penetrate top material with low profile welds, significantly reducing pre- and post-processing efforts and significantly reducing overall cost.

Traditional arc welding processes use argon as a shielding gas for stainless steel and aluminum to prevent oxidation of the weld pool. Fiber laser welding uses nitrogen or argon to provide better welding results.

Laser Cleaner Application

Varisigns handheld fiber laser welding and cleaning machine has the characteristics of small laser spot size and high-frequency pulse control, which can provide cleaning function for surfaces that are discolored and contaminated before and after welding. This feature is critical for welding materials such as aluminum, as oxide layers and contaminants can have a significant impact on porosity and weld quality. In the traditional process, operators use acetone or other chemicals to clean the joints before welding. Lasers can ablate all contaminants and remove oxide layers, laser cleaning improves weld quality for aluminum 5052 and galvanized sheet.

handheld laser cleaner

Often, welders need to handle post-welding, which can be a time-consuming cleaning process. The advantages of the Varisigns handheld laser welding and cleaning machine including about 50mm cleaning width, no need for grinding consumables or chemicals to prevent surface damage.

One of the most important advantages of laser cleaning is the pickling and passivation of stainless steel after welding. After welding, the left side of the sample was laser cleaned, and the right side was kept in the welded state. Obvious signs of rust were found on the right side of the welded sample, but no rust was found on the left side after laser cleaning. This example demonstrates that laser cleaning can replace traditional pickling and passivation processes for stainless steel applications.

Summarize of fiber laser welder

By switching from traditional welding and cleaning methods to this hand-held laser system, there are significant cost savings for the user. The handheld laser welding system is suitable for factory and workshop applications typical of the sheet metal industry, suitable for experienced operators as well as novice users. This flexible operating fiber is capable of delivering the infrared light energy required for processing in a small spot about the size of a human hair, generating less heat than traditional welding methods. Other advantages of the Varisigns fiber laser welding and cleaning machine include:

  • The welding speed is at least 10 times faster than TIG welding or MIG welding.
  • Compared with the traditional process, the deformation of the weld is reduced by an order of magnitude.
  • The integrated process parameter library and ergonomically designed welding torch make the system easy to learn and operate.
  • Both assemblers and novice welders can perform laser spot welding and achieve 100% consistent laser spot welding. Hiring newbies allows manufacturers to lighten the foundation. The burden of welding work, thereby significantly reducing labor costs and total costs.
  • Pre-weld laser cleaning can replace the typical grinding and sandblasting steps required by traditional welding methods, while reducing porosity and defect formation in the weld.
  • Post-weld laser cleaning can replace dangerous chemical cleaning methods and use the same equipment to clean and passivate stainless steel immediately after welding.

Varisigns hand-held fiber laser welder series products are lightweight, portable, easy-to-operate, economical, intelligent, safe and reliable handheld laser welding systems with cleaning function, and have obtained EU CE certification. They are safe and reliable production tools.

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