• Laser Acrylic Cutting Machine / Acrylic Laser Cutter

    Varisigns laser acrylic cutter machine is capable of cutting acrylic thickness up to 40mm (1.57'').

  • The Best Laser Acrylic Cutting Machine for Signs & Display

    The laser acrylic cutting machine for sale from Varisigns performs perfectly. It is widely used in the lighting industry, photo frame woodworking industry, architectural model, handicrafts, decoration industry, sign advertising, etc. No matter the small acrylic laser cutting machine or big table size 1325 laser cutting machine, no matter the desktop laser engraver or the open size one you choose, you can count on outstanding quality.


    Our laser acrylic cutter machine is capable of cutting and engraving acrylic thickness up to 40mm, wood/MDF up to 12mm, plywood up to 20mm, you have free choice of 150W, 300W, 320W in different powers. All our machine bodies with 600-degree high-temperature heat treatment and main parts are the imported quality which features the highest-quality finished products and more precision.


    We provide pre-sales solutions, 2-year warranty, and installation, operation training and maintenance services of after service, 24/7 online support available to make you a fast solution.

    Varisigns Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine for Sale with CCD Camera

    The best acrylic laser cutting machine with CCD camera and autofocusing system, a great helper of UV printer, can cut acrylic thickness up to 40mm (1.57'').

    • Model: L6-1325
    • Applicable Materials: acrylic, plywood, MDF, fabric, leather, paper.
    • Cutting Thickness: 150W-Acrylic≤30mm, Wood/MDF≤8mm, Plywood≤15mm. 320W-Acrylic≤40mm, Wood/MDF≤12mm, Plywood≤20mm
    320W Co2 Mixed Laser Cutting Machine for Metal and Nonmetal

    Best for cutting metal & non-metal materials in one machine with the highest precision. Can cut acrylic up to 40mm (1.57''), metal up to 1.5mm (0.063'') thick.

    • Model: L2-1325
    • Applicable Materials: acrylic/plywood/MDF/Stainless steel, carbon/mild steel, etc.
    • Cutting Thickness
      320W-SS≤2.0mm, Carbon/Mild Steel≤3.0mm, Galvanized Steel≤1.5mm, Acrylic≤40mm, Wood/MDF≤12mm, Plywood≤20mm
    320W Co2 Desktop Best Laser Cutter for Small Business

    The best Co2 laser cutter machine for sale with a small footprint and high precision, able to cut acrylic thickness up to 40mm (1.57'').

    • Model: D2S-1309
    • Applicable Materials: Acrylic, plywood, MDF, fabric, leather, paper, etc.
    • Cutting Thickness: Acrylic≤40mm, Wood/MDF≤8mm, Plywood≤15mm
    150W Affordable Laser Cutting Machine for Acrylic, Plywood

    The small Co2 laser cutter and engraver machine at an affordable price for cutting or engraving organic materials at high speed.

    • Model: D2-1309N​
    • Applicable Materials: Acrylic, PVC, bamboo, fabric, leather, paper, etc.
    • Cutting Thickness: Acrylic≤30mm, Wood/MDF≤8mm, Plywood≤15mm
  • Laser Acrylic Cutting Machine for Up to 40mm Thickness Solutions

    Want to cut the acrylic with more thickness? Check it out here to find our best laser acrylic cutting machine for cutting acrylic with its real speed. Take a look and enjoy!

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