Aluminum Channel Letter Return Coil with Arrow Folded Edge

Aluminum channel letter return material, aluminum coil strips rolls with arrow folded edge for 3D signage fabrication, applies to all channel bender machines.

Item No.: VS-FT06
Specification: 0.6mm (.024”) thick, 50 meter (164ft)/roll
Available Width: 60mm (2.36”), 70mm (2.76”), 90mm (3.54”), 110mm (4.33”)
Available Colors: white, black, red, silver, blue, yellow, green, brushed gold, brushed silver, mirror silver, mirror gold

Warranty Period: 3 years.
Lead Time: Delivery within 48 hours.

Aluminum Channel Letter Return Coil with Arrow Folded Edge


  1. The best channel letter material supplier for channel letter return coil strips in thickness 0.6mm (.024”), different colors for options, 50 meter (164 feet) per roll.
  2. Single arrow folded edge design is easier for acrylic face attached by instant adhesive glue or AB glue.
  3. The color is made by rolling and hardening imported PVP fluorocarbon coating, so it will never get paint off.
  4. Good abrasiveness and weather resistance, moreover, it has the strength and excellent flexibility.
  5. The surface of the aluminum channel letter return coil is coated with film, therefore, it will not be scratched during the processing, easy to clean, save labor cost.
  6. Simple and easy to bend by manual channel letter tools or the channel benders.

Color Reference:

aluminum channel letter coil white


aluminum strip roll black


aluminum trim cap matt black

Matt Black










brushed gold

Brushed Gold

brushed silver

Brushed Silver

Mirror Gold

mirror silver

Mirror Silver

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