300W Handheld Laser Welding Machine for 3D Letters

300W Dual-optical Path Laser Welding Machine for 3D Letters is the machine with one standard YAG laser welding head plus one handheld fiber transmission laser head with 5 meters (16ft) long fiber cable.

The standard laser welding head can weld small size metal 3D channel letters within 80cm (31.5”), and the handheld fiber laser head can weld big sizes up to 2 meters (6.56ft) high metal channel letters. The laser welding machine for 3D letters is widely used for welding metal 3D signages and exterior billboards of both small and complex channel letter signs.

300W Handheld Laser Welding Machine for 3D Letters Making

The handheld laser welding machine at a cost price with standard and fiber mode in one machine for stainless steel galvanized iron 3D channel letters.

Model: GY-W300F
Materials: Stainless steel, Iron, galvanized steel up to 1.5mm (.063”).

Lead Time: 3~7 Days After Payment Received
After Service: 24/7 Online Support & Overseas Engineers Available

Features of Laser Welding Machine for 3D Letters

  1. The laser welding machine for 3D letters is able to weld stainless steel, galvanized steel plate, iron plate, and other metal alloys. Maximum thickness up to 1.5mm (.063”).
  2. The Red light for fast positioning with CCD display.
  3. The adjustable working table allows welding channel letters from small sizes to large work pieces.
  4. The fast working speed and professional jig ensure the focus is fixed and make welding easier without using CCD or a microscope.
  5.  With slight distortion and affected by heating, it is capable of the partial heating process.
  6. The laser welding machine for 3d channel letters is able to deal with complex, profiled, or tiny 3d sign letters.

Technical Parameters Laser Welding Machine for 3D Letters

Laser Power300W
Applicable MaterialsStainless steel, galvanized steel, Titanium, Iron
Material Thicknessup to 1.5mm (.063”)
Laser SourceNd 3+: YAG rod ф7 x 145mm
Laser Wavelength1064nm
Laser Lamp Quantity1pc
Single-pulse Energy90J
Pulse Duration0.1~10ms
Frequency Range0.1~30Hz
Workable Current50~200A
Welding Spot Size0.2~3.0mm
Laser Output Focus Length150mm – 250mm (standard head), 120mm (fiber head)
Laser CavityLength: 1100mm, able to rotate 360 degrees
Table Size (L*W)1000mm*750mm
Laser Arm RadiusUp to 840mm
Z-axis Adjustment RangeZ=50mm
Settings Memory10 groups
Control PanelTouch screen
Language OptionEnglish
Power Supply220V/50Hz/60HZ
Power Consumption≤6KW
Sight PositioningCCD digital camera
Cooling SystemWater Chiller 220V/50HZ (60HZ optional)
Packing Size1910*830*1350mm+800*530*1100mm=2.5m³
Gross Weight380KG

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