• Varisigns 1000W Raycus Fiber Handheld Laser Welder machine for sale

    Fiber Handheld Laser Welding Machine

    • 24hrs Continuous Welding
    • All Materials Applied
    • Longer Service Life
    • Free Maintenance
    • Easy Operation

  • Fiber Handheld Laser Welder for Sale

    One Machine to Cover All Your Metal Welding Needs

    Varisigns Fiber Handheld Laser Welder, laser welding machine features an excellent directivity and high power density of the laser beam which is focused in a small area by the optical system.


    In a very short time, the welded part forms a localized heat source area with a high concentration of energy, so that the welded object is melted and a solid welding point and weld are formed.

    It adopts integrated design, small footprint and beautiful structure, high-quality beam mode with continuous power, stable performance, reliable quality parts, fast welding speed, wide welding range, the longer service life of consumables, and fully consider the laser welder machine in the mass production.


    • Brand fiber laser source for longer service life, high photo-electronic conversion efficiency, low maintenance, easy operation, and environmentally friendly.
    • Compact design and built-in water cooling systems save its footprint and ensure the greatest mobility.
    • Nice and smooth finishing, repeat welding acceptable, slight polishing after welding is suggested but not necessary if Argon gas used while welding stainless steel.
    • 1000W and 1500W power available option to meet different demands for welding depth and work efficiency.
    Varisigns handheld laser welder Applications samples


    The handheld fiber laser welder is widely used for welding and forming of different sheet metal pieces, channel letter fabrications, commercial kitchen, stove, grill cart, food cart, doors, windows, frames, metal furniture, lamp covers, power cases, fireboxes, pipes and etc.​

    Varisigns handheld laser welding machine Standard Welding Gun

    Standard Welding Gun

    Standard water-cooled welding gun supports shield gas.

    Varisigns handheld fiber laser welder machine Optional Wobble Welding Gun

    Optional Wobble Welding Gun

    Optional wobble welding gun can realize 4mm big spot welding, which allows a wider seam or rough edge.

    Varisigns handheld laser welder welding samples

    Welding Samples

  • Technical Parameters

    GY-WF1000 / GY-WF1500

    Model No.

    1000W / 1500W

    Laser Power


    Power Stability


    Laser Wavelength

    Continuous & Pulsed

    Laser Mode


    Pulse Width


    Welding Thickness


    Pulse Frequency


    Welding Spot Diameter

    Integrated (1000W) / Independent (1500W)

    Cooling Method

    AC220V Single phase

    Power Supply


    Power Consumption


    Host Dimensions


    Net Weight

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