Fiber CNC Laser Cutter Machine

Fiber CNC Laser Cutter for sale GY-F3015 series is the most popular cutting table for the processing of metal plates.

It is with a working table area of 3000×1500mm (5’×10′) and is widely used in the sign advertising industry, lighting, posters, and display equipment. Besides, the laser cutter is also good at sheet metal fabrication, such as Hv/lv electrical ark production, textile machinery parts, kitchen appliance, auto parts, machinery, elevator, electric parts, spring coil slice, subway line spare parts, crafts, and decorations.

It is suitable for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, and alloy metal materials.

F3015 best fiber CNC laser cutter for sale

Fiber CNC Laser Cutter for Sale

The best fiber CNC laser cutting machine for sheet metal in high precision with the auto-focused laser cutting head. 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, and 3000W available.

Model: GY-F3015
Applicable Materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, and alloy metal materials
Cutting Thickness: stainless steel 5~7mm, carbon steel 10~16mm, aluminum alloy 4~6mm

  1. High-quality fiber laser source and head, extremely high beam quality, excellent power stability, and maintenance-free.
  2. The laser cutter runs with air, either oxygen or nitrogen cutting for different materials freely.
  3. The industrial fuselage, three-axis dust-proof, XY-axis rack drive, and Z-axis screw Drive.
  4. The high-quality servo system electronic components feature high stability and precision.
  5. Auto-focused laser head, automatic tracking of the bump degree of the plate by the unique capacitive height controller.
Varisigns fiber laser cutter machine assembly

CNC Fiber Laser Cutter Details

Air brigade level laser beams
Air brigade-level laser beams
Industrial air conditioner of Varisigns metal laser cutting machine
Industrial air conditioner
RayTools fiber laser cutting head
RayTools fiber laser cutting head
Inovance servo motor and driver system
Inovance servo motor and driver system
high quality Faston Rack for laser metal cutter
High-quality Faston Rack
Package of Varisigns F3015 fiber laser cutting machine
Strong package of Varisigns fiber laser cutter

Fiber Laser Cutting Samples

Varisigns fiber laser cutting samples
sheet metal laser cutter samples
laser cutter for sale fiber CNC laser cutter
metal laser cutting machine

Technical Parameters

Working Size3000*1500mm (5′×10′)
Footprint4420*2380*1650mm (14.5’*7.8′)
Laser Power1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W
Laser SourceFiber
Laser Wavelength1080nm
Positioning Accuracy±0.03mm/m
Max. Moving speed85m/min
Max. Cutting Speed60m/min
Transmitter SystemXY-axis rack drive, Z-axis ball screw Drive
Driving ModeServo system
Auxiliary GasAir, Oxygen, Nitrogen
Working Voltage380V/50HZ ± 5%
Cooling WayIndustrial water chiller
Continuous Working24 hours
Gross Weight3500KG (7715lbs)
Packing Size4600*2500*1500mm
Fiber Power1000-1500W2000W3000W
Stainless steel0-5mm6mm7mm
Carbon steel0-10mm12mm16mm
Aluminum alloy0-3mm5mm6mm

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