How to Choose the Right Channel Letter Bending Machine?

How to Choose the Right Channel Letter Bending Machine?

The invention of the fully automatic Channel Letter Bending Machine brought light to the advertising industry. It can accurately bend out the edge and match the panel well, making the metal letter very beautiful.

The emergence of the automatic bending machine has broken the limitations of the traditional advertising industry materials. For the materials that cannot be bent by hand, the automatic channel letter bender is all indispensable. The automatic letter bender machine can easily realize the bending through automatic feeding, automatic slotting, automatic bending, and other procedures, which makes the laborious work of the staff become more efficient.

Well, how to choose the right Channel Letter Bending Machine?

1. Is the hardware design of the automatic bending machine reasonable? A reasonable hardware design allows the fully automatic bending machine to work more efficiently and looks stronger enough, more professional and more reliable.

Varisigns channel letter bender slotting system

2. Is the operation of bender software convenient? The interface operation is convenient, to start quickly and easy operation. Frankly speaking, mostly 90% of bender software in the market are bought from the software company, they will have the same problem is not stable and not humanize, the system easy to get breakdown which greatly affected the customer experience, wasting time and labor costs.

S1 encoder system

3. The most very important is good after-sales service, no after-sales service business is not good sales, once the automatic bending machine fails, it is equivalent to scrap iron.

4. Last but not least is to have their own technology research and development team. R&D is the soul of the technology enterprise. Only with technological innovation can bring better products to our customers.

Varisigns channel letter bender software

Varisigns specialize in providing customers a one-stop signage making solutions, we have our own factory for manufacturing the Channel Letter Bending Machine, both the hardware and software design are with our own patents and designed by our own R&D team.

aluminum letter bender sample

All our channel letter equipment carries a full two-year warranty, with guaranteed quality backed by our over 13 years’ experience. All products are verified by ISO 9001:2008, 14001, and CE certifications, we are promoting consistent quality in manufacturing, distribution and customer service.

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