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    80% Labor Cost & Time Saved for Your Signage Fabrication.

  • What We Do?

    With increasing labor cost and higher efficiency and accuracy required, 90% of sign makers wish to be more competitive in channel letter fabrication, Varisigns Automatic Channel Letter Bending Machine can make all this happen.


    We manufacture high-quality and stable automatic channel letter bender machines, which greatly save your high labor costs and time in signage production based on our worldwide marketing experience of over 13 Years.


    All of our channel letter machines are CE certified and quality assured with a 2-Year Warranty and 24/7 Online Support, let's take your sign making jobs from labor-intensive to fully automated today.

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  • Why Varisigns CNC Channel Letter Bending Machine?

    High-quality parts keeps your automatic bender machine up and running in 99.9% of the time

    Intricate Hand Assembly of channel letter machine

    Intricate Manual Assembly

    The quality of the machine is fully traceable throughout the entire manufacturing process.

    We focus on each step from beginning to end, and this process is what distinguishes high-quality CNC channel letter benders from defective ones.


    All of this work will depend on our engineers who have at least three years of expertise, and they will spend a lot of time putting the right parts in the right place without any errors to ensure high accuracy and stability.

    channel bending machine Quality Parts Assured

    100% Quality Parts Assured

    Quality parts determines the overall quality of the machine.

    Each part is crucial to the quality of the channel bending machine. At Varisigns, we have been working with world-renowned brands to provide the best parts.


    > Sensors from Omron, Servo system from DELTA & FUJI. Air Cylinder & Pneumatic components from SMC.

    > Die casting parts and servo systems feature lifetime stability and precision.

    The main hardware of Varisigns channel bender adopts a casting integrated structure, such as the bending parts, clamping alternating feeding parts, encoder parts, etc., which ensures the machine's high precision and stability to a greater extent and might last for 10 years.

    CNC channel letter bending machine Quality Parts Assured

    Ready to Plug and Play

    Your time greatly saved in machine calibration.

    All Varisigns automatic letter bender machines guarantee that you can almost plug and play at the moment of receipt.


    The machine will come with a computer and pre-installed software, and the software parameters will be debugged before shipment. Stored in the computer and backed up in the flash disk. So you don’t have to worry about any problems such as incompatibility in configuring computer and installing software individually. We’ve got you all covered.

  • How to Choose the Automatic Channel Letter Bending Machine?

    Take a quick look to find out which machine is right for your signage fabrication.

    Multi-function V-cut/Flange Channel Letter Bender Machine

    The best multi-functional letter bender machine with V-cut and flanging, forming flange v notched channel letters

    • Model: VAM-S18
    • Applicable Materials: Stainless Steel, Iron, Copper, Flat Aluminum
    • Applicable Material Height: 25~200mm (1''~8'')
    • Slotting & Bending Thickness: SS/iron≤1.5 (0.063''), Flat Aluminum≤2.0mm (0.080'')
    • Flanging & V-Cut Thickness: SS/iron≤0.8mm (0.031''), Flat Aluminum≤2.0mm (0.080'')
    Best All-in-one Channel Letter Bender Machine For All Materials

    The best choice with functions of two machines (VAM-S1 & VAM-S6) in one machine bends all channel letter coils

    • Model: VAM-S6 Plus
    • Applicable Materials: Stainless Steel, Iron, Copper, Flat Aluminum Strips and all styles of aluminum profiles
    • Applicable Material Height: 20~200mm (0.8''~8'')
    • Applicable Material Thickness: ≤2.0mm (0.080'') 
    Best Channel Letter Bender Machine For SS/Iron/Aluminum Coils

    The top seller and popular model with full servo system for stainless steel, aluminum and custom profile letters

    • Model: VAM-S5
    • Applicable Materials: Stainless Steel, Iron, Copper, Flat Aluminum, Aluminum Profiles
    • Applicable Material Height: 20~130mm (0.8''~5'')
    • Applicable Material Thickness: ≤1.5mm (0.063'')
    Aluminum Channel Letter Bender Machine for All Aluminum Coils

    The best choice for making aluminum letters in different profiles, telescopic bending instead of rolling bending

    • Model: VAM-S1
    • Applicable Materials: Flat aluminum strips and all styles of aluminum profiles
    • Applicable Material Height: 20~130mm (0.8''~5'')
    • Applicable Material Thickness: ≤1.5mm (0.063'')
    Economical Channel Letter Bender Machine For SS/Iron/Aluminum Coils

    The entry-level with affordable price for stainless steel and aluminum channel letters

    • Model: VAM-S3
    • Applicable Materials: Stainless Steel, Iron, Copper, Flat Aluminum, Aluminum Profiles
    • Applicable Material Height: 20~130mm (0.8''~5'')
    • Applicable Material Thickness: ≤1.5mm (0.063'')
    CNC Channel Letter Bender Machine For Big 3D Signs Fabrication

    The affordable choice for manufacturing indoor and outdoor big 3D sign letters

    • Model: VAM-S6
    • Applicable Materials: Stainless Steel, Iron, Copper, Flat Aluminum, Aluminum Profiles
    • Applicable Material Height: 20~200mm (0.8''~8'')
    • Applicable Material Thickness: ≤1.5mm (0.063'')
    Industrial Channel Letter Bender Machine For Outdoor 3D Giant Letters

    The high-end choice for making landscape letters, square letters and outdoor giant letters.

    • Model: VAM-S40
    • Applicable Materials: Stainless Steel, Iron, Copper, Flat Aluminum Strips
    • Applicable Material Height: 25~400mm (1''~16'')
    • Applicable Material Thickness: ≤3.0mm (0.118'')
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