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What's the Advantage of Automatic Metal Channel Letter Bender Machine?

To know what's special about our channel letter bender machine, read this!

What's the Advantage of Automatic Metal Channel Letter Bender Machine?

At present, in the production of advertisements, the literal processing of the metal letters of the channel letter bender machine is mainly done by laser cutting machines or plasma cutting machines. With the rapid development of the advertising production industry, the literally processed advertising equipment has entered a mature development period.

Varisigns aluminum channel letter bender bending blade

The emergence of the machine will inevitably bring a revolutionary breakthrough to the advertising production industry. Through the control of the software, the Channel Letter Bending Machine can accurately fold the edge of the metal word and realize the high-precision fitting with the literal and the bottom plate, greatly increasing the intensity and aesthetics of the luminous characters.

Varisigns automatic letter bender slotting system

The core of the bender technology is that in addition to bending the contour of high similarity, the key point is to be able to match the folded contour and the panel well, so as to avoid subsequent light leakage, so the focus is on purchasing the automatic letter bender. Use a laser to cut out a number of glyph panels, and then bring the glyphs and documents to the manufacturer of the letter bending machine, so that the contours that are bent out can be directly welded to the panel.

Varisigns channel letter bender machine ball screw system

Our channel letter bender is a three-in-one with full function and integrated plate and profile processing. The system integrates convenient material and tool switching functions, and the setting of double-knife grooving tools and double-knife alternate bending. It can be easily handled: the processing of stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet, super-character and other materials is the highest return on investment in the market.

Varisigns best automatic letter bender servo drive system

What are the functional advantages of the channel letter bending machine?

1. More accurate and low slotting costs.

2. Compatible with a variety of literal production methods, and laser, plasma, engraving machine cutting method perfect match, can be perfect welding, bonding, the finished product can reach the standard of precision.

4. Multi-layer slotting can be carried out according to the thickness of the material, and the groove depth is controlled accurately.

5. The bending part of the bender adopts a servo motor, which is processed with high precision and high strength, and the plate is processed without pressure.

6. Adopting independent double-blade bending design, the bending precision is high, the replacement and maintenance of the bending knife are more convenient, and the maintenance cost in later use is lower.

7. The software is easy to operate, completely fool-like, you can get started without complicated operations.

Varisigns automatic letter bender samples

The above are the advantages of our letter bending machine, and we hope to help you better understand the machine.

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