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What Our Customer Say About Varisigns Channel Letter Bending Machine?

Varisigns Channel Letter Bending Machine Provides Ultra Precision

What Our Customer Say About Varisigns Channel Letter Bending Machine?

After years of a market study on the demands of the signage industry and successful achievements from the channel letter bending machine, Signvec Technology has exclusively introduced the Varisigns fully automatic channel letter bending machines into the Singapore market.

varisigns channel letter bending machine VAM-S6 Plus

Varisigns is a Chinese company specializing in channel letter bender machines and has sold over 2000 of them all over the world in the past 13 years. They are well established and popular in the European and North American markets. For example, Gemini Sign letters, one of the biggest signage manufacturers in the USA, is equipped with two Varisigns channel letter bending machines.

Signvec CEO Ken explained, ‘The strong points of Varisigns machines are the beautiful finishing and the fact that some of the world’s best parts are installed in the hardware point. However, the stronger points lie in their software.

Firstly, many employees with PhDs are involved in the software development division to keep upgrading the software.

Secondly, it is easy to set up parameters defined by materials. In comparison, with other companies’ machines, specialized engineers must come to change the parameters every time the material is changed, which means extra time and expenditure.

Thirdly, it is user-friendly and you need just half a day’s training. And whatever material you use, you are getting perfectly accurate output because of the software.’

bending system of varisigns channel letter bending machine

The Varisigns channel letter bending machines can bend aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized iron. The minimum bending radius is 6mm in stainless steel and 10mm in aluminum return. The height of the return can be from 20mm to 400mm, which can bend very small to big 3D letters more than two meters high.


‘I have crosschecked Varisigns with its European and American clients and they said that it is not an ordinary Chinese company. Varisigns is professional and their clients are happy, not only with their products but also with their excellent after-sales support,’ added Ken.

Varisigns machines feature a front feeding straightening mechanism, clamping alternating conveying mechanism and slotting mechanism. It has a built-in high-performance eight axis motion control card. The intelligent bending software ensures forming precision. The equipment also features a multi-layer super-long guide rack.

feeding straightening system of varisigns channel letter bender machine

The telescopic bending blade system ensures a fast and smaller radius for both flat material and aluminum profiles. This means that multiple materials can be bent accurately and with no damage by the same equipment.

A front feeding straightening mechanism straightens curved materials in advance during material handling to ensure that these materials won’t get stuck during processing.

varisigns slotting system of automatic letter bender

Closed-loop control using alternating clamp feeding with the unique full closed-loop detection provides real-time compensation for length deviations such as the slippage of detected materials to avoid inaccurate letter length or inaccurate matching with panel letters.

The bending stress database allows users to adjust bending pressure quickly and easily according to different materials. Users can select the corresponding material from the database when they want to change to another material. This avoids a cumbersome re-adjusting process.

3D aluminum channel letter made by varisigns channel letter bending machine

Plate bending tensile intelligent compensation: deformation of materials during the bending process will affect the length of the formed letter, reducing letter matching the precision of the shell and panel. Varisigns bender software provides intelligent compensation caused by the length deviation, to ensure bending accuracy.

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