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How to Weld Your 3D Channel Letters Made by Automatic Letter Bender?

Want a machine that can weld aluminum channel letters? Read this!

How to Weld Your 3D Channel Letters Made by Automatic Letter Bender?

As we know, to make a full 3D channel letter, we have to get prepared at least three machines, one channel letter bending machine for the sidewall, one laser cutting machine to have the steel panel, another machine is what we are going to talk about-the handheld fiber laser welding machine which is capable of welding any kinds of metal letters, the real all-in-one laser welding machine. It breaks the limitations of the Yag laser welding machine on materials because of the power and firmness which is also the best machine for welding your aluminum channel letters.

varisigns 1000w fiber handheld laser welding machine

The fiber handheld Laser welding machine uses a high energy density laser beam as a heat source for efficient precision welding. Since laser welding requires high precision for workpiece pre-machining, the position of the beam on the workpiece is not significantly offset. If the assembly accuracy or beam positioning accuracy of the workpiece does not meet the requirements, it is easy to cause welding defects, which limits the process capability of laser welding to a certain extent. This is because the spot size is small and the weld is narrow after laser focusing.

In response to the limitations of the above laser welding technology, the market has gradually introduced a laser welding method with double wedge laser vibration, which is realized by disposing a special wobble vibration module on the welding head. The application of wobble welding technology can make laser welding more widely used, and it can achieve high-efficiency laser precision welding for larger or wider welds workpieces.

handheld fiber laser welder head

What’s the advantage of the handheld fiber laser welding machine?

1. Widely used in welding and forming of different sheet metal pieces, AD signs, commercial kitchen, stove, food cart, doors, windows, frames, metal furniture, lamp covers, power cases, fire boxes, pipes and etc.

2. Famous Raycus fiber laser source applied to make it longer service life and high performance, high photo-electronic conversion efficiency, low maintenance, easy operation.

3. Compact design and built-in water cooling system save its footprint and ensure the greatest mobility.

4. 500W, 1000W and 1500W available for options in order to meet different demands for welding depth and efficiency.

5. Standard water-cooled welding gun support shield gas, optional wobble welding gun can realize 4mm big spot welding, which allows a wider seam or rough edge.

6. Nice and smooth finishing, 24 hours continuous welding is acceptable, free polishing.

Raycus fiber laser source for handheld laser welding machine

To know more about this machine, please visit us, thanks.

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