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How to Make Stainless Steel Letters By Channel Letter Bending Machine?

The best channel letter bending machine for metal 3D sign letters!

How to Make Stainless Steel Letters By Channel Letter Bending Machine?

Stainless steel led letters, or lightbox sign letters, especially stainless steel light box letters, not only have the metal texture of stainless steel characters, but also have the characteristics of acrylic lighting, beautification, decorative effect, beautification, logo and advertising effect. is currently the mainstream of metal letter derivatives.

Varisigns channel letter bending machine 3D metal signs

Stainless steel led letters decorative effect, landscaping, logo and advertising effect is particularly good, mirror stainless steel letter edge bright glare, extremely beautiful both in day and night, led letter production preferred. brushed stainless steel has strip texture, give people It is a medium to high-end feeling.

Varisigns automatic letter bender 3d metal letter

Now let’s see how to make Stainless steel led letters by Channel Letter Bending Machine:

1. Laser cutting the literal. Cutting into a basic glyph, using Laser Cutting Machine has the following advantages: precise glyph, no shape, more smooth, more beautiful, and more natural transition.

Varisigns 3d stainless steel return letter with acrylic cutting face

2. Trimming, using stainless steel Channel Letter Bender Machine to cut the thickness of the rim according to the thickness of the letter. Saw angle, glyph distance measurement, accurate positioning, sawing in place, this is a key step, and is also an important step to determine the quality of the letter, especially for thick rim material or more strokes at the corner of complex graphics, essential, can make sure the rim material is welded in place and the glyph body is not out of shape.

Varisigns channel letter bender machine sample

3. Laser welding the joints. According to the actual situation, Laser Welding Machine is used for high-quality joints, more efficiency, more smooth junction, to ensure that the rear panel is mounted flat (to ensure no light leakage). Laser welding should ensure no burns, burn through the surrounding mirror material.

Varisigns channel letter bender machine stainless steel sample

4. The bottom plate welding. Stainless steel, galvanized iron or Chevron board can be used as the base material as the same welding process above.

5. Grinding, polishing. Further processing of the welded joint makes the welded wire surface smoother and more beautiful; the non-welded portion is also polished at the same time to avoid affecting the overall finish.

Varisigns all in one automatic letter bender sample

6. Fitting LED lights. The LED lights should be evenly distributed on the bottom plate. To ensure uniform distribution of the lamp, the wire connector should be firm, and the LED lamp should be reinforced with silica gel to prevent it from falling off.

7. Bonding acrylic panel or plastic and buckle. Make sure the panel and the buckle are in place and flat. In order to ensure no light leakage or water seepage, it is necessary to use a neutral silicone sealing panel to contact the buckle.

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