How to Make Epoxy Resin Letters by Channel Letter Machine?

How to Make Epoxy Resin Letters by Channel Letter Machine?

LED epoxy resin letters is a new type of LED signs in the advertising industry. With its uniform and beautiful luminous effect, it has won the favor of the majority of brand owners. It is often used in the visual recognition of high-end commercial brand terminals. So how to make such beautiful epoxy resin letters?

Preparation of production tools:
Electric soldering iron, trimming or polishing machine, hot melt glue gun, Channel Letter Bending Machine for the channel letters return, Laser Welding Machine,to make the channel return and face panel joint together, Co2 Mixed Laser Cutting Machine for Metal and Nonmetal to cut both acrylic inside support and metal backside.

1. Make the channel letter according to the font size.
Such as iron or stainless steel channel letters are commonly used. There are also chain brands that can choose custom plastic channel letters if the volume is large. Generally, the letter depth of the channel letter is 3 to 10cm. Co2 Mixed Laser Cutter Machine is used to cut out the metal base plate and the acrylic support plate, and the corresponding channel letter sidewall is bent by a channel bender machine with high efficiency. Finally, the metal bottom plate and the letter sidewall can be welded into a complete 3D channel letter by a laser welder machine.

2. Polish the channel letter
After making the channels, use 600-1200 mesh water sand to roughen the edges and surfaces, and then grind them again and again until they are smooth.

3. Spray paint.
Spray paint on the surface of the channel letter according to customer requirements. The inside of the channel letter can be sprayed or brushed with special white reflective paint to effectively reflect the light. It is recommended to use fluorocarbon paint.

4. Install the LED module
(1) clean the surface of the case
(2) install the LED patch lamp
(3) arrange evenly and connect the wires.

5. Attach the acrylic support block.
Put in the acrylic support plates and glue. The acrylic panel is tightly sealed with hot-melt adhesive to prevent resin from leaking into the channel letter.

6. Pouring resin
Material details: a, epoxy resin glue. b, light-diffusing agent. c, epoxy resin color paste. d, precision electronic scale.

Take the example of making white epoxy resin letter:
1. Epoxy resin color paste: The color paste concentration is very high, 1% is recommended. It can be mixed with 100 grams of glue A and 1 gram of color paste and then mixed with glue B.

2. Epoxy resin: use 3: 1 soft and hard glue, glue A: glue B = 3: 1, that is to say, 300 grams of glue A with 100 grams of glue B.

3. The amount of light-diffusing agent which is a kind of non-inorganic light diffusing agent with superior performance, which has better light transmittance. Can be added to PC, PS, PMMA, PET, epoxy resin and other transparent resins and LEDs to increase the light scattering and transmission effect, while blocking the light source and glare, while allowing the entire film to emit soft and elegant light to achieve the comfortable effect of light transmission and opacity. Widely used in LED epoxy resin letters, electronic display card, digital tube, dot matrix, lampshade, lightbox advertising board, etc.

4. Glue adjustment:
Glue A: 300g + Glue B: 100g + diffuser (A + B)
2% of the total amount + 1 g of color paste.

A + B + (A + B) 2% + (A + B) 1%
Mix these materials in proportion (Note: try to use precise electronic scales to prevent color inconsistency) as soon as possible after mixing to avoid waste.

1) Control the corresponding thickness of the light guide layer and the uniform light layer according to the thickness of the font.

Take the epoxy resin letter with a thickness of 3cm as an example. The resin liquid level is about 5mm from the top to stop casting, and the thickness of the resin casting layer is about 2cm. This layer is cast as a colorless and transparent casting layer, which can be called a light guide layer. After the light guide layer is cured, cast the second layer, [A + B + leveling agent + color paste 3 parts A + 1 part B + (2-3% of A) leveling agent + (0.5-1% of A ) Color paste] is the second layer of resin system, this layer is filled with the entire channel letter, which is called uniform light layer.

2). After mixing A and B, they must be used up within 35 minutes (this time will gradually thicken, if you feel that the consistency can be poured, you can continue to use), if not, discard processing, can not be returned to A or B.

Hope the above methods can help everyone, please feel free to contact Varisigns if you have any questions, thanks.

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