(4′×8′) 400W Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine for Sale with CCD Camera

400W Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine with CCD Camera is widely used in the processing of Irregular graphics contour cutting. For instance, high precision high polished organic materials/acrylic cutting, display panel, display cabinet, showcase, the lighting industry, and photo frame woodworking industry. Besides, architectural models, handicrafts, decoration industry, sign advertising letter making, LED lighting box, aerospace industry, machinery, ship, and elevator industry. The acrylic laser cutting machine is good at cutting organic materials such as acrylic, plywood, MDF, fabric, leather, and paper.

(4′×8′) 400W Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine for Sale with CCD Camera

The best acrylic laser cutting machine with a CCD camera and autofocusing system, a great helper of UV printer, can cut acrylic thickness up to 40mm (1.57”).

Model: GY-1325L
Applicable Materials: acrylic, plywood, MDF, fabric, leather, paper.
Cutting Thickness: Acrylic up to 1.57” (40mm), Wood/MDF up to 0.47” (12mm), Plywood up to 0.79” (20mm)

Co2 laser tube of acrylic laser cutting machine upgraded to 400w high power JK laser tube

Features of Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine

  1. GY-1325L CO2 automatic contour acrylic laser cutting machine with CCD camera and visual system, it is a great helper of UV printer.
  2. The automatic focusing system of acrylic laser cutting machine features an easy operation, high accuracy, and efficiency.
  3. Imported linear guide rails and all-around ball screw transmission with high accuracy.
  4. Japanese Mitsubishi Servo systems provide higher precision, more stability, and lower noise.
  5. Five pieces of reflective lenses of constant optical path design to ensure the same power at any time in the cutting process
  6. Imported bigger size lenses with a cooling system, so it keeps the optical reflection quality and longer service life.
  7. High-temperature hardening treatment machine body, therefore, long-life use in a very stable state and never deformed.
  8. All-round dust cover to solve the problem of dust and smoke pollution in lenses.
320W acrylic cutting machine cutting sample 40mm
40mm (1.57”) thick acrylic cutting sample by acrylic laser cutting machine
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High quality parts of acrylic laser cutting machine
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Cutting samples by laser acrylic cutting machine

Technical Parameters of Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine

Working Size1300*2500mm (4′×8′))
Footprint3650*1990*1300mm (12’*6.5′)
Laser Power400W
Laser Type400W double tubes beam combination Co2 laser tube
Positioning Accuracy±0.01mm/300mm
Cutting Speed10m/min
Cutting ThicknessAcrylic≤1.57”(40mm), Wood/MDF≤0.47”(12mm), Plywood≤0.79”(20mm)
Transmitter SystemImported ball screws
Driving ModeMitsubishi Servo System from Japan
Working Voltage220V/50HZ ± 5%, single-phase, 20A
Total PowerUp to 4000W
Gross Weight1050KG (2300lbs)
Packing Size3750*2040*1450mm

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