51''*98'' 1325 Co2 Mixed Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine, with 150W/320W Laser Tube

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320W mixed laser cutter machine


Laser cutting machine - L2-1325 metal & nonmetal laser cutting machine is professional cutting for acrylic, wood, cloth, leather, plastic, rubber etc. nonmetal materials and carbon steel, stainless steel etc. metal materials, and it can do cutting for both flat and curved surface.

320W mixed laser cutter detailes


1. L2 Series CO2 Mixed laser cutting machine adopts imported linear guide rails, all-round ball screw transmission with high accuracy.

2. Japanese Mitsubishi Servo systems, higher precision, more stable, lower noise.

3. 5 pieces of reflective lenses of constant optical path design, ensure the same power at any time in cutting process.

4. Imported bigger size lenses with cooling system, keep the optical reflection quality and longer service life.

5. High temperature hardening treatment machine body, long life use in very stable state and never deformed.

6. All-round dust cover to solve the problem of dust and smoke pollution in lenses.



320W mixed laser cutter samples

Technical Parameters:

320W mixed laser cutting machine parameters

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