Laser Safety Goggles 1064nm Typical Wavelength

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Product Name: YH-5 Laser Safety Goggles 1064nm Typical Wavelength, OD 4+, YAG Laser Eye Protective Glasses

Model: YH-5
Techincal Parameter:
Typical Wavelength: 1064nm
Laser: YAG laser
OD: 4+
V.L.T.: 60%
Product Features:

The highly intensive energy of laser is harmful to eyes; it can even lead to blindness. So it is necessary for people who work with laser to wear laser safety goggles.

Apply crowd: laser operators, computer operators, drivers, gas welding workers, electric welding workers, high-temperature furnace operators, medical or industrial personnel to operate the X-ray machines Perspective, people suffering from achromatopsia and color weakness, and people who are exposed to intensive light and ultraviolet radiation.

Apply to: frequency-doubled Nd: YAG laser, the Blu-ray laser, ultraviolet lasers, excimer lasers, Nd: glass lasers, semiconductor lasers, CO laser, neodymium-doped garnet laser, ruby lasers, CO2 lasers, gallium arsenide laser multi - kind of laser protection.

1) Several style of the laser eyewear can be chosen according to our custom. The price list above is according to the style which shown on you website. The different style if you chosen, please contact us directly. 
2) The Optical Density list in the chart is the lowest O.D in laser protection. We can provide higher O.D (eg: 5+, 6+, 7+) eyewear used in difference palace.

To meet the demand of our customers, we can provide all kind of manufactures. A custom-designed safety eyewear is available.


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